August ETF Stats: Big Gains For Small Players

by on September 11, 2009 | ETFs Mentioned:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s been another good month for the ETF industry. A continued strong performance from the equity markets gave investors a boost, and cash continued to flow into ETFs. According to data from the National Stock Exchange, total ETF assets increased from $650 billion in July to $672 billion in August, while cash inflows for the month were $5.6 billion. August’s inflows bring the year-to-date total to $54.2 billion, well ahead of last year’s pace ($45.0 billion).

The ETF giants had another good month, as iShares and Vanguard saw inflows of more than $2 billion each and State Street and PowerShares brought in close to $1 billion apiece. But the real winners during the dog days of August were some of the industry’s smaller players, some of whom saw assets significant inflows this month. A few of the highlights:

  • RevenueShares brought in $24 million of assets in July, representing more than 13% of July’s total AUM
  • Greenhaven’s monthly cash inflows ($13 million) were about 10% of July assets ($129 million)
  • ETF Securities, which launched its first U.S.-listed ETF in late July, saw assets grow from $4 million to $100 million in August.
  • Three iShares ETFs topped the list of biggest inflows for individual funds: IVV ($980 million), IWM ($681 million), and TIP ($608 million).

The biggest winner among the larger ETF issuers was Direxion, which saw cash inflows of $494 million, equal to about 12% of its July assets.

ETF Securities could be poised for another stellar performance in September. It launched its second fund, the ETFS Physical Gold Shares (SGOL) this week and the initial market reaction has been very positive, with volumes topping 130,000 shares on both trading days so far. But matching the early success of SIVR, which topped $100 million in assets in less than a month, will be a tall order.

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Disclosure: Long IVV at time of writing.