Deutsche Bank Launches 14 New ETFs on Paris Exchange

by on May 28, 2009 | ETFs Mentioned:

Deutsche Bank announced it is expanding its ETF product offering in France, launching 14 new ETFs under its “db x-trackers” line. The new funds, which will be listed on NYSE Euronext’ Paris exchange, are significant because they represent the introduction of several new features to the French ETF market.

Seven of the ETFs will track inverse indices, the first time France short sector indices have been offered. The inverse funds include:

  • Short European Sectors: inverse exposure to European sector indices, including Banks, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Technology, and Telecommunications.
  • S&P 500 Short: similar to ProShares’ SH.
  • FTSE 100 Short

In addition to the inverse ETFs, Deutsche Bank will launch funds tracking:

  • FTSE 100 Vietnam: Tracks the largest and most liquid Vietnamese stocks.
  • S&P/ASX 200: Tracks 200 large-cap Australian equities.
  • Russell 2000: Tracks a broad base of U.S. equities.

With the addition of these funds, db x-trackers now offers 37 ETFs in France, including 10 ETFs on short indices. NYSE Euronext’s European markets now offer 396 ETFs with 434 listings from 14 issuers. These ETFs cover more than 275 indices encompassing a variety of assets and strategies.

View the NYSE Euronext Press Release