ETF Database Analyst Michael Johnston on BNN TV Today (May 25, 2009)

by on May 25, 2009 | Updated May 27, 2009

ETFdb Lead Analyst Michael Johnston on BNN TVETF Database Senior Analyst Michael Johnston appeared on Business News Network‘s Stars & Dogs program earlier today. Up for discussion was Emera (EMA TSX), a utility company whose core business is electricity. Emera provides services mainly in Canada and the Northeastern US. Michael discussed how the stock’s possible upcoming inclusion in a certain index will affect ETFs and index funds who will then have to adjust their holdings accordingly. In keeping with the show’s tradition, Michael also slips in a little gossip at the end (though, you’ll have to watch the show yourself to find out what the gossip is). Congratulations to Michael on his first TV appearance (the first of many to come, I’m guessing!)