Introducing ETFdb Pro: Improve Your ETF Investing With A Free 7-Day Trial

by on October 27, 2009

We’re almost 10 months into 2009. And what a year it’s been for the ETF industry and ETF Database! ETFs continue to gain market share from actively-managed mutual funds, becoming the vehicle of choice for more and more investors. As the number of exchange-traded products and assets under management have continued to increase, ETF Database has also seen rapid growth, expanding to become one of the most widely-read online resources for ETF investors. Today, we’re excited to take the next step towards becoming the premier ETF site on the Web with the launch of ETFdb Pro.

ETFdb Pro is a membership to premium content designed to help you analyze potential ETF investments, find the right fund, and construct a cost-efficient all-ETF portfolio to accomplish a wide range of investment goals. Whether you’re a long-term investor looking to implement a buy-and-hold strategy or a more active trader looking to generate excess trends by trading on regional or sector-specific trends, ETFdb Pro has something to offer you. ETFdb Pro content includes:

  • Model Portfolio ScreenshotETFdb Model Portfolios: Complete with recommended holdings, suggested allocations, risk analyses, and return breakdowns, ETFdb Portfolios make it easy for any investor to develop an all-ETF portfolio matching his or her return objectives and risk tolerance. In addition to a line of long-term retirement portfolios, ETFdb Pro offers access to themed ETF portfolios designed to profit from macroeconomic trends.
    Free Preview: 5 Years Til Retirement Portfolio
  • Category Reports ScreenshotETFdb Category Reports: Our 66 ETFdb Category Reports provide vital information on each of the 850+ ETFs traded in the U.S., including analysis of key performance drivers, suggested portfolio allocations, and customized charting capabilities. Our categories cover every possible niche in the ETF universe (everything from Japan Equities to Precious Metals).
    Free Preview: Latin American Equities ETFdb Category Report
  • ETF Edge ScreenshotETF Edge: In our members-only monthly newsletter, we cover all aspects of the ETF industry, including rumors on upcoming fund launches, and an inside look at the most important industry developments. Plus, each issue is full of actionable ETF investment plays researched by our team of experts. Some of last month’s ETF investment ideas have delivered returns of more than 10% in October!
    Free Preview: ETF Edge: October 2009
  • Ask The Pro ScreenshotAsk The Pro: In our monthly mailbag, we answer questions submitted by Pro members on all things ETF, ranging from asset allocation strategies for investors managing their own portfolio to ETFs for achieving complex investment strategies.
    Free Preview: Ask The Pro: October 2009

To give our readers a taste of what ETFdb Pro has to offer, we’ve made four premium reports available for free — just click on any of the links above to see a preview.

An ETFdb Pro membership includes access to more than 75 premium in-depth research reports, including ETFdb Category Reports, all-ETF portfolios, and actionable ETF investment ideas. To gain access to the entire line of ETFdb Pro content, sign up for a free 7-day trial today. (If you have an existing free membership to ETF Database, please login here, then you can easily upgrade to the free trial of ETFdb Pro.)

Developing ETFdb Pro has been a huge undertaking, and we’re excited to now share this content with you. ETFdb Pro is a key component of our plan to continue to provide the best online coverage of the ETF industry. As an independent, privately-held company, we depend on continued support from our users to maintain both a high level of quality and a broad scope of coverage.

ETFdb Pro was designed and developed based on valuable input and feedback from you, our readers, about what types of tools and analysis you’d like to see. We’d love to continue to hear your thoughts on ETFdb Pro — and on ETF Database in general. Whether it’s something you particularly like, something you wish we would drop, or suggestions for future additions to the Pro suite of products, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions.


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