Introducing the Financial Planner & RIA ETF Center

by on August 19, 2009

ETFs have become the ‘hot’ product in the investment world in the past few years. Hobbyist investors and day traders were some of the initial cheerleaders, but now financial advisors are driving asset inflows up–both because of client demand, and also the intrinsic value and efficiency of the product. Unfortunately high-level analysis of ETFs, contextualized in the framework of intelligent asset allocation, is rare (that’s why we started ETF Database); even rarer is such analysis geared towards advisors or very high net worth investors.

This dearth of readily available information led us to create the ETF Database Financial Planner & RIA ETF Center, which we’re happy to announce today. This site section launches with three free guides:

Free registration is required to view the articles in the Financial Planner & RIA Center. Please check out these new articles and let us know what you think.