The Art of Indexing Summit USA 2009

by on July 23, 2009

As the universe of ETFs and indexing grows, the conference scene grows as well. One event this year worth considering is The Art of Indexing Summit USA 2009, in NYC. There are a number of interesting speakers lined up to present at this year’s conference, which promises to provide some insights into the current state of the credit markets and the brand new indexing solutions fuelling innovation in today’s evolving market landscape. I’ll be attending as ETFdb’s media delegate, so if you’re in New York (or will be attending the Summit as well) and would like to meet up for a coffee or chat, please e-mail me at: More details on the conference to follow.

Statue of LibertyArt of Indexing Summit USA 2009

  • Date: 28 October 2009
  • Location: Helmsley Hotel, New York City
  • Cost: $1195 (Early registration); $1495 (later registration); $195 (plan sponsors, financial advisors, and other qualified professionals). Book here
  • More information: The official Web site is:

Keynote speakers at the event include:

  • Professor Robert Shiller,Co-founder, MACRO-MARKETS LLC and Okun Professor of Economics, YALE
  • Dr. Seddik Meziani, Professor of Finance and Economics, MONTCLAIR UNIVERSITY

Other notable speakers include:

  • Andrew Clark, Chief Index Strategist and Head of Research, THOMSON REUTERS
  • Richard D. Romney, President, ETF PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS
  • Richard Kang, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research, EMERGING GLOBAL ADVISORS, LLC
  • David Blitzer, Managing Director and Chairman, STANDARD & POOR’S, and many
    others (see the entire list here).

Again, ETFdb is located in Chicago, IL and we don’t get out to New York too often–so please let me know if you’d like to meet up on the 28thand discuss anything related to ETFs!