This Week in ETFs: September 4th Edition

by on September 4, 2009

It’s been an exciting week in the world of ETFs: Gold spiked more than $40/oz sending ETFs higher and unemployment rose to 9.7%. Here are the ETF Database staff picks of the week’s most important and interesting stories from around the Web:

Tale of Two Grains at Hard Asset Investor:

Julian Murdoch writes an excellent article focusing on the direction of corn prices. With supplies up and demand down, corn may be boosted by the high price of sugar, which may bump some producers to the cheaper corn for a sweetener. The author also discusses low soybean supplies and explains the link to droughts in Argentina and Brazil.

Top 50 Free Online ETF Tools at ETF Database:

This comprehensive guide gives investors a thorough list free ETF tool to use when researching potential ETF investments. This list includes screeners, comparison tools, quantitative analysis tools, X-rays, and portfolio trackers just to name a few.

Why China’s IPO Onslaught Is Rocking Global Markets at Wealth Daily:

This piece offers a comparison between the current IPO boom in China to the dotcom bubble in America at the beginning of the decade. The author shows that the majority of the IPOs are construction-related firms looking to capitalize on Chinese government projects and decrease debt loads. But the author isn’t sold on the long term prospects of these companies and recommends shorting some Chinese ETFs

Is Pimco Right About TIPS? at IndexUniverse:

Pimco is ratcheting up criticism of its main rival declaring in a new report saying that passively managed TIPS (such as iShares’ TIP) are inferior to actively-managed ones. Pimco is looking to launch a new 1-5 year TIPS ETF which will directly compete with iShares funds in the TIPS space.

Jobless Rate to 9.7% Payrolls decline 216K at The Mess that Greenspan Made:

While non-farm payrolls posted their smallest decline in over a year, U-6, a measure of underemployed and unemployed people, rose from 16.3% to 16.8%. Education and Healthcare services were the only sectors that posted net gains. Even the government sector lost jobs, suggesting that the recovery of  jobs may be stalling for the economy as a whole.

That’s it for This Week in ETFs: happy reading. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!