10 Reasons to Get an ETFdb Pro Free Trial Membership

by on February 9, 2010

When we launched ETFdb Pro in October, we weren’t sure how it would be received. Nearly four months later, we’re happy to say the response from ETFdb readers has been phenomenal: the pace of new ETFdb Pro member signups was faster than we ever thought possible. We’re getting great feedback from our newsletter ETF Edge and a ton of challenging but worthwhile ETF questions for each month’s issue of Ask the Pro.

In case you haven’t yet given ETFdb Pro a chance, here are 10 reasons why you should consider subscribing with a free seven-day trial.

  1. It’s risk free. You can try ETFdb Pro for seven days and check out all of our exclusive research. You can cancel at anytime with no further charges.
  2. Model portfolios you actually want to use. We have the right portfolio for you no matter what your philosophy or goals. Our line of more than a dozen all-ETF model portfolios includes strategies for both long-term buy-and-holders and more short-term themed plays. See a free preview of the 5 Years Til Retirement ETFdb Portfolio.
  3. Hot ETF industry rumors you won’t hear anywhere else. (Read this month’s ETF Edge to see which ETF issuer is reportedly up for sale and which one could be in danger of bankruptcy.) See a free sample issue of ETF Edge.
  4. Actionable advice that isn’t just flavor of the month. (Specific picks, EMA/momentum, sector, and country!) Each month, our team of ETF experts searches through the universe of ETFs to come up with fund recommendations we think are poised to outperform over the next quarter.
  5. Answers to your ETF questions which aren’t available anywhere else online. (Even after checking countless Web sites.) Each month, our ETF expert answers questions on all things ETF from Pro subscribers. This month we answered questions about asset allocation strategies, the benefits of low-volatility ETFs, and tips to surviving an ETF liquidation. See a free sample of Ask The Pro.
  6. ETFs aren’t an afterthought here: We are ETFs. Many other premium research memberships cover mutual funds or growth stocks (and ETFs are simply tacked on with little thought). Our entire advisory service is geared toward ETF investors and our analysts live, breathe, and sleep ETFs.
  7. Pick the right ETF for any sector. Asset allocation is important, but so is tracking error, expense ratio, and diversification of holdings. Our ETFdb Category Reports can help you pick the right ETF in any of more than 60 different categories. See a free preview of the Latin America Equities Report.
  8. Your time is valuable. You want high quality research without the fluff. You don’t have time to keep up with ten dozen Web sites or newsletters. You don’t want to waste time with buggy tools or out-of-date research. ETFdb Pro is focused on easy usability and making all information quickly searchable.
  9. Whether you’re a buy-and-hold investor, a momentum investor, or high-frequency trader, our premium content has something for you. Trend following investors will love the Momentum Trading Ideas section of our newsletter, while long-term buy-and-holders will find the expense-minimizing model portfolios to be extremely valuable.
  10. It’s risk free! OK, we realize we’re repeating this one. But it truly is risk free: you can sign up for ETFdb Pro and your first seven days using the service are 100% free. If you don’t love ETFdb, you can simply cancel your membership within the seven day free trial, and you won’t be charged a penny.

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On a personal note: I appreciate all the support we’ve gotten from the ETFdb community, whether it’s the kind emails from readers, financial support by subscribing to Pro, and all the helpful suggestions we get on how we can make ETFdb better. If you have any questions about ETFdb Pro, or ETF Database in general, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail!

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Michael Johnston
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