Five Last Minute Gift Ideas For ETF Investors

by on December 22, 2010 | Updated July 22, 2011

With the possible exceptions of baseball and apple pie, few things are more American than waiting until the last minute to finish up holiday shopping. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like stress that comes from realizing that the final countdown to Christmas is well underway and you’ve hardly made a dent in your shopping list. We’re not sure exactly what makes for a good gift for the in-laws, and have no clue about this season’s hot toy (Pogs? Tickle-Me-Elmo?). But if anyone on your shopping list has an interest in ETFs, we just might be able to help; here are five last minute gift ideas for the ETF investor in your life:

1. ETFdb Kindle Subscription

Just in time for the Holidays, all the industry news, actionable investment ideas, and educational content from ETF Database is now available on your Kindle. This subscription includes an automatic download of all new content posted to; articles and news are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated throughout the day, making this subscription a great gift idea for any active investor. From staying current on all the new ETF launches (more than 200 already in 2010) to accessing educational materials on the nuances of exchange-traded funds to browsing for investment ideas, this subscription includes mobile access to one of the world’s most popular ETF sites.

The ETFdb Kindle subscription costs $1.99 per month, and comes with a 14-day free trial.

2. The ETF Handbook

There have been dozens of books written about the topic of ETF investing (trust us; we get hounded with advanced copies from authors hoping we’ll promote their work). Most of them are, to be perfectly honest, a waste of paper; they promise strategies for get-rich-quick trading or ridiculous ideas for using ETFs to get rich quick. But there are a few good books out there that tackle this increasingly popular (and increasingly complex) topic.

The ETF Handbook is one of the best books we’ve come across that deals with the history and structure of exchange-traded products, as well as what the flexibility and limitations of ETFs mean for investors investors who use these securities. From the basics of the ETF structure to the more complex underpinnings of the creation/redemption process and execution of ETF orders, this book will make anyone who reads it a smarter, more sophisticated investor, and would be a great gift for anyone interested in ETFs–from beginners to professional money managers [if you don't believe us, check out the reviews]. The ETF Handbook is available from Amazon for about $40 new and as little as $30 used and can be purchased in Kindle form as well.

3. Ticket To Inside ETFs Conference

Again, there are a lot of ETF-related conferences out there. Most of them are light on education and insights and heavy on product pitches or rehashed tutorials. But for financial advisors looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the ETF industry and figure out which products might make sense for their clients, the Inside ETFs Conference in Hollywood, Florida is the best the industry has to offer (again, trust us–we’ve been to them all). It doesn’t hurt that temperatures in South Florida are usually in the 70s in early February, or that this year’s event features lunch addresses from both Ben Stein and high wire artist Philippe Petit famous from the documentary Man On Wire.

For financial advisers, a ticket will cost just $249 (special Christmas bonus: PowerShares is offering a discounted rate of $199 for financial advisers).

4. ETFdb Pro Subscription

In addition to all of the free ETF tools and commentary, ETFdb offers a line of premium content designed specifically for professionals and more active ETF investors. ETFdb Pro includes a subscription to ETF Edge, a monthly newsletter full of actionable investment ideas, the latest developments in the ETF industry, and a comprehensive performance ETF data bank organized by asset class. Also included are more than a dozen all-ETF model portfolios, enhanced ETF screener capabilities, and a monthly Q&A column addressing various ETF-related issues.

ETFdb Pro comes with a free seven day trial, and is available for $19/month or a discounted rate of $199/year.

5. ETFdb iPhone App

For all the iPhone junkies out there, we’re excited to roll out an iPhone app that will let investors navigate quickly and easily through the nearly 1,100 ETFs. The bad news: ETFdb’s iPhone app won’t be ready in time for Christmas–we’re targeting an early January launch. The good news: the app will be free–welcome news for those of you who broke the bank during the holiday shopping season [sign up for our free ETF newsletter for updates on the new iPhone app and all the new tools we'll be rolling out during 2011].

Disclosure: No positions at time of writing, photo is courtesy of Flickr user Christopher Thomas.