This Week In ETFs: August 27th Edition

by on August 28, 2010 | Updated August 31, 2010

Another exciting week in the financial world has given investors plenty to talk about heading into the fall quarter. For starters, Hewlett-Packard and Dell continue to battle for 3 Par and the fight has escalated in recent days as the two computer giants raise their bids for the data storage company. On the other side of the market, housing stats came in at historically low levels, hitting markets and investor confidence hard. Though these figures have led many to worry about the state of the economy and if we are headed towards a double dip, Ben Bernanke tried to calm markets on Friday by discussing the Fed’s plans to intervene if the economy worsens. To help investors better understand the market, we profile three of the best ETF stories from around the Web last week:

The Search For Yield With ETFs at Index Universe:

With the threat of a Treasury bubble looming, it can be difficult to find funds with consistent and attractive yields. Matthew McCall outlines various ETF options with attractive yields which can help investors to achieve a much higher current income. The ETFs he chooses come from three corners of the market; equity, international dividend, and MLPs. McCall concludes by stating that high yields are available outside of fixed income, but they come at a price; as a continued bear market would be detrimental to all of them.

Emerging Markets To Drive Healthcare ETFs at ETF Daily News:

With emerging markets growing at such a fast rate, they will likely be the future drivers of the global health care sector. A recent report indicated that developing nations will make up $550 billion in annual drug sales by 2020, which would be about 70% of the world’s market. Many countries, including China, India, Mexico, and Turkey, are forecasted to experience GDP growth of 6.9% annually for the next decade and look like top candidates to take advantage of this growing trend. For investors who subscribe to this thesis, this article goes on to outline six different ETF options to take advantage of surging emerging market demand.

Seven ETFs To Invest Like Peter Schiff at ETF Database:

Peter Schiff, former economic advisor to Ron Paul, has some interesting ideas on playing the stock market. Schiff firmly believes that we are headed for an inflationary depression, and is something of a doom and gloom investor. The article outlines seven ETFs that line up with Schiff’s pessimistic principals, allowing investors to play for a possible depression.

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