ETF Scorecard – September 12th Edition

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Major equity indexes traded sideways over the last week, with a slight downward bias amid a generally quiet landscape that saw few data releases and a lack of any major developments. On the home front, the NFIB index came in better-than-expected, offering some encouragement for small businesses. Overseas, geopolitical tensions eased up after it was reported that Russian troops had begun to pull out of Ukraine, although the reaction in the markets was fairly muted [see also Annual GDP Growth: A Good Predictor of Single-Country ETF Returns?].

To help investors keep up with markets, we present our ETF Scorecard, which takes a step back and looks at how various asset classes across the globe are performing. For most of the return comparisons below, we reference trailing 1-week and trailing 1-month returns; this offers a good insight into the prevailing sentiment in the markets by capturing the performances across short-term and longer-term time intervals [for more ETF news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

Risk Appetite Review

Amid the sideways trading, risk appetites were mixed as evidenced by the small positive and negative returns seen in the benchmarks below: 

Major Index Review

Profit taking pressures hit foreign equity markets harder than those seen on the home front, as evidenced by the negative returns for developed and emerging market indexes: 

Domestic Sector Review

The Technology and Health Care sectors turned in the best weekly performances, while Energy was by far the biggest laggard: 

Sector Valuations

Amid the sideways trading, there were no major swings in sector P/Es from the prior week:

Foreign Equity Review

On the international front, Brazil equities were the worst performer followed by Australian equities: 

Regional Valuations

Regional P/Es remained flat for the most part, with Latin America seeing the biggest contraction in its valuation: 

Alternatives Review


The U.S. dollar rally continues to pose a headwind for commodity prices as evidenced by the lackluster returns over the past week: 


On the currency front, the U.S. dollar remains by far the strongest performer from a weekly as well as a monthly perspective: 


*All data as of market close 9/11/2014.

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