The Signal: 5 Must-Reads For Financial Advisors – Feb. 7 Edition

by on February 7, 2014

This week: An emerging group of young millionaires are in the sights of the advice industry, triggering a long overdue rethink of technology and marketing. Meanwhile, the middle class is disappearing before our very eyes.

Advisors Tackle New Class of Emerging Wealthy Clients

Young, emerging millionaires are seen as an “underserved” opportunity by the financial advisor industry. But you can’t win the loyalty of these social media savvy investors with “canned corporate propaganda” that is commonly found on firm websites.

The Story Bill Winterberg told that Says it All About the New Marketing Realities for RIAs

Bill Winterberg, principal of, tells an instructive story about how savvy clients find professional advice in the social era.

John Bogle’s Epiphany Changes the World

Rick Ferri on how one of the biggest mistakes in John Bogle’s young career gave rise to the index fund.

The Middle Class is Steadily Eroding. Just ask the Business World.

Just ask the businesses that serve the middle class markets. They’re in dire straits.

Dilbert Does Behavioral Economics

The human side of investing, as seen through the eyes of Dilbert.


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