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Content Creator, Coach and Communicator,Third Quarter Advisers, LLC. Kristan has specialized in the practice management arena in the financial services industry since 1999. She is highly experienced in researching, developing, training and speaking nationwide on value-added financial services programs to financial advisor, wholesaler and investor audiences. While her passion is the female investor, she has coached and trained top financial advisors and advisory teams on a myriad of practice management topics including branding, high-net-worth relationship management and building connection with clients and prospects. Kristan is a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC™) and has been published in industry trade publications, including Advisor Perspectives, Fundfire, AdvisorOne and RIABiz.

Recent Content By Kristan Wojnar
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Practice Management

3 Must-Read Pieces for Practice Management: October 19th Edition

Every week, we bring you the best and most succinct curation of must-read articles to help you...

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Practice Management

Identifying Your Ideal Client

Spend your time focusing on clients and prospects you love by creating an ideal client profile.

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Practice Management

3 Must-Read Pieces for Practice Management: October 12th Edition

Every week, we bring you the best and most succinct curation of must-read pieces to help you grow...

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Practice Management

To Hire or Not to Hire? Considerations in Hiring a Business Coach or Additional Staff

A decision that many advisors face when they hit a plateau in their practice is whether or not to...

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Practice Management

Female Advisors Wanted: What Factors Drive a Female Advisor to Switch Firms?

Ever wonder what factors might prompt a female advisor to switch to a new broker-dealer?

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Best Online Brokers

At a large portion of our readership is of a discerning, self-directed nature. As such,...

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High-Yield Prospects: October 23 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive income opportunities. The high-yield...

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Best & Worst Weekly Performers: October 22 Edition

Here is a look at the 25 best and 25 worst ETFs from the past trading week. Traders can use this...