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Neelarjo is a Subject Matter Expert on and He brings 4 years of experience in equity research and high-yield credit analysis, conducting both quantitative and qualitative industry research and company-specific analyses. Neelarjo has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University and is currently pursuing the CFA and CPA designations.

Recent Content By Neelarjo Rakshit
Q&A Interviews

QS Investors’ President Discusses Legg Mason’s New International Low Volatility High Dividend ETF

At the Morningstar ETF Conference, we gained insights from James Norman, President of QS...

Q&A Interviews

Nuveen Investments’ Head of ETFs Shares His Insight on His New Aggregate Bond ETF

We sat down with Martin Kremenstein, Head of ETFs at Nuveen Investments during the Morningstar...

Q&A Interviews

Interview with Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research, and Anita Rausch, Head of Capital Markets, at WisdomTree

At the Morningstar ETF Conference, we gained insights from Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research,...

Powers richard 228x228
2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

Interview with Richard Powers, Head of ETF Product Management at Vanguard

At the Morningstar ETF Conference, we gained insights from Richard Powers, Head of ETF Product...

2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

A Checklist for ETF Due Diligence

One of the takeaways from the Morningstar ETF Conference held last week is the importance of...

Shutterstock 198884276
2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

The Future of the ETF Industry: Trends & Thoughts From the Morningstar ETF Conference

The ETF industry has rapidly evolved over the past decade. There were roughly 350 ETFs in 2006;...

2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

10 Thoughts From the 2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

The active vs. passive debate has now become a foundational discussion within the investment...

2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

3 Market Themes to Watch For at the Morningstar ETF Conference

Financial markets have been choppy and sentiment has swung wildly in 2016 so far. Big issues that...

2016 Morningstar ETF Conference

ETF Thought Leaders Descend Upon Chicago

Now in its seventh year, the Morningstar ETF Conference is coming to Chicago next Wednesday,...

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