Commission Free Portfolios

Published on by on February 12, 2014 | Updated May 2, 2014

The evolution of the ETF industry has not only led to more product choices for investors, it has also stiffened the competitive landscape for the issuers themselves, which has ultimately led to lower expense fees. Many ETF issuers have also recognized that the total cost of ETF investing goes beyond just expense ratios, which has in turn spawned the concept of commission-free ETFs; this refers to programs designed to save investors money when executing ETF trades across some of the most prominent online brokerage platforms.

Click Here for a full list of all commission-free ETFs available on each trading platform.

Investors looking to keep expenses to a minimum should consider the following commission-free ETF model portfolios; please note that the list of commission-free ETFs varies from broker to broker, and as such, make sure to consult the list of funds available specifically on your trading platform: