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While “plain vanilla” passively-managed ETFs offer expense ratios under 10 basis points, many ETFs that implement more complex investment strategies (such as leveraged investing or hedge fund strategies) charge higher fees. Below are the 100 ETFs with the highest expense ratios in the industry. Even the ETFs included on this list feature expense ratios below the average for traditional actively-managed mutual funds, which approximates 1.4%. You may also wish to peruse our list of the 100 ETFs with the lowest expense ratios.

This data may include leveraged and inverse ETFs. To exclude leveraged and inverse ETFs from the table below, click here.

Symbol Name Expense Ratio ETFdb Category
BIZD VanEck Vectors BDC Income ETF 9.17% Financials Equities
MLPA Global X MLP ETF 3.99% MLPs
SOYB The Teucrium Soybean Fund 3.49% Agricultural Commodities
WEAT The Teucrium Wheat Fund 3.46% Agricultural Commodities
ALTY SuperDividend Alternatives ETF 3.03% Diversified Portfolio
HDGE Ranger Equity Bear ETF 2.92% Inverse Equities
CORN The Teucrium Corn Fund 2.92% Agricultural Commodities
KBWD PowerShares KBW High Dividend Yield Financial Portfolio ETF 2.80% Financials Equities
MLPJ Global X Junior MLP ETF 2.78% MLPs
AMZA InfraCap MLP ETF 2.70% MLPs
PSP PowerShares Global Listed Private Equity Portfolio ETF 2.04% Financials Equities
VEGA STAR Global Buy-Write ETF 2.00% Global Equities
FIEE UBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN 1.95% Europe Equities
PCEF PowerShares CEF Income Composite Portfolio ETF 1.88% Total Bond Market
CANE The Teucrium Sugar Fund 1.76% Agricultural Commodities
EPRO EquityPro ETF 1.71% Global Equities
FIHD UBS AG FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN 1.65% Leveraged Equities
YYY YieldShares High Income ETF 1.65% Diversified Portfolio
UGAZ VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN 1.65% Leveraged Commodities
DGAZ VelocityShares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN 1.65% Leveraged Commodities
DSLV VelocityShares 3x Inverse Silver ETN 1.65% Leveraged Commodities
USLV VelocityShares 3x Long Silver ETN 1.65% Leveraged Commodities
XMPT VanEck Vectors CEF Municipal Income ETF 1.65% National Munis
TVIZ VelocityShares Daily 2X VIX Medium-Term ETN 1.65% Leveraged Volatility
TVIX VelocityShares Daily 2X VIX Short-Term ETN 1.65% Leveraged Volatility
RISE Sit Rising Rate ETF 1.64% Inverse Bonds
GIVE Global Echo ETF 1.61% Diversified Portfolio
GTAA Morgan Creek Global Tactical ETF 1.61% Diversified Portfolio
DWAT Arrow DWA Tactical ETF 1.57% Diversified Portfolio
PMPT iSectors Post-MPT Growth ETF 1.55% Diversified Portfolio
FLGE Credit Suisse FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced ETN 1.52% Leveraged Equities
FBGX FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN 1.52% Leveraged Equities
YMLI VanEck Vectors High Income Infrastructure MLP ETF 1.52% MLPs
QEH QAM Equity Hedge ETF 1.50% Hedge Fund
MATH Meidell Tactical Advantage ETF 1.50% Diversified Portfolio
CHEP U.S. Market Neutral Value Fund 1.49% Long-Short
SIZ U.S. Market Neutral Size Fund 1.49% Long-Short
MOM U.S. Market Neutral Momentum Fund 1.49% Long-Short
VMIN REX VolMAXX Inverse Weekly Futures Strategy ETF 1.45% Volatility
WBIR WBI Tactical Rotation Shares 1.43% Diversified Portfolio
YPRO YieldPro ETF 1.42% High Yield Bonds
FWDB Madrona Forward Global Bond ETF 1.41% Total Bond Market
DWTI VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETN 1.35% Leveraged Commodities
UWTI VelocityShares 3x Long Crude Oil ETN 1.35% Leveraged Commodities
DGLD VelocityShares 3x Inverse Gold ETN 1.35% Leveraged Commodities
UGLD VelocityShares 3x Long Gold ETN 1.35% Leveraged Commodities
ZIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Medium-Term ETN 1.35% Inverse Volatility
XIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN 1.35% Inverse Volatility
TUTT Tuttle Tactical Management U.S. Core ETF 1.34% All Cap Equities
XIVH VelocityShares VIX Short Volatility Hedged ETN 1.30% Volatility
BSWN VelocityShares VIX Tail Risk ETN 1.30% Volatility
LSVX VelocityShares VIX Variable Long/Short ETN 1.30% Volatility
HYLS First Trust Tactical High Yield ETF 1.29% High Yield Bonds
TUTI Tuttle Tactical Management Multi-Strategy Income ETF 1.28% Diversified Portfolio
AADR WCM/BNY Mellon Focused Growth ADR ETF 1.27% Global Equities
VMAX REX VolMAXX Long VIX Weekly Futures Strategy ETF 1.25% Volatility
TONS WisdomTree Coal Fund 1.25% Commodities
FWDI Madrona Forward International ETF 1.25% Foreign Large Cap Equities
FWDD Madrona Forward Domestic ETF 1.25% Large Cap Blend Equities
GSC GS Connect S&P GSCI Enh Commodity TR ETN 1.25% Commodities
HYLD Peritus High Yield ETF 1.18% High Yield Bonds
FTLS First Trust Long/Short Equity ETF 1.17% Long-Short
CVOL C-Tracks ETN Citi Volatility Index Total Return ETF 1.15% Volatility
GDJJ Ultra Junior Miners ETF 1.12% Leveraged Equities
MAUI AdvisorShares Market Adaptive Unconstrained Income ETF 1.11% Corporate Bonds
GDXX Ultra Gold Miners ETF 1.11% Leveraged Equities
QLS IQ Hedge Long/Short Tracker ETF 1.10% Hedge Fund
FLRT Pacific Asset Enhanced Floating Rate ETF 1.10% Corporate Bonds
IFV First Trust Dorsey Wright International Focus 5 ETF 1.10% Global Equities
WBIH WBI Tactical High Income Shares ETF 1.08% Diversified Portfolio
LVL Guggenheim S&P Global Dividend Opportunities Index ETF 1.08% Global Equities
WBII WBI Tactical Income Shares ETF 1.05% Diversified Portfolio
UJB Ultra High Yield ETF 1.05% Leveraged Bonds
NUGT Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares ETF 1.05% Leveraged Equities
IGU Ultra Investment Grade Corporate ETF 1.02% Leveraged Bonds
QED IQ Hedge Event-Driven Tracker ETF 1.00% Hedge Fund
WBIL WBI Tactical LCS Shares ETF 1.00% Large Cap Value Equities
WBIG WBI Tactical LCY Shares ETF 1.00% Large Cap Value Equities
WBIF WBI Tactical LCV Shares ETF 1.00% Large Cap Value Equities
WBIE WBI Tactical LCG Shares ETF 1.00% Large Cap Growth Equities
WBID WBI Tactical SMS Shares ETF 1.00% Mid Cap Value Equities
WBIC WBI Tactical SMY Shares ETF 1.00% Mid Cap Value Equities
WBIB WBI Tactical SMV Shares ETF 1.00% Mid Cap Value Equities
WBIA WBI Tactical SMG Shares ETF 1.00% Mid Cap Growth Equities
UWM Ultra Russell2000 ETF 1.00% Leveraged Equities
DIVA Hedged Dividend Income Fund 0.99% Long-Short
DIVI Athena High Dividend ETF 0.99% Global Equities
BTAL U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta Fund 0.99% Long-Short
TTFS AdvisorShares Wilshire Buyback ETF 0.99% All Cap Equities
URTY UltraPro Russell2000 ETF 0.99% Leveraged Equities
MES VanEck Vectors Gulf States Index ETF 0.99% Emerging Markets Equities
EGPT VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETF 0.97% Emerging Markets Equities
RFEM The First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets ETF 0.95% Emerging Markets Equities
FAAR First Trust Alternative Absolute Return Strategy ETF 0.95% Long-Short
WIZE CrowdInvest Wisdom ETF 0.95% Large Cap Growth Equities
MLPZ ETRACS 2xMonthly Leveraged S&P MLP Index ETN Series B ETF 0.95% MLPs
DFND Reality Shares Divcon Dividend Defender ETF 0.95% Long-Short
GARD Reality Shares Divcon Dividend Guard ETF 0.95% Long-Short
PRME First Trust Heitman Global Prime Real Estate ETF 0.95% Real Estate

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