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100 Lowest Weekly ETF Returns

The following table lists the bottom 100 exchange-traded funds in terms of weekly returns. These are the 100 ETFs that have had the lowest percentage return over the last week. You may also wish to see the 100 ETFs with the highest weekly returns.

This data may include leveraged and inverse ETFs. To exclude leveraged and inverse ETFs from the table below, click here.

Symbol Name Weekly Return AUM Avg Volume
FTAG First Trust Indxx Global Agriculture ETF N/A N/A N/A
JSML Janus Small Cap Growth Alpha ETF N/A N/A N/A
JHMU John Hancock Multifactor Utilities ETF N/A $5,008.00 N/A
IBUY Amplify Online Retail ETF N/A N/A N/A
DUST Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bear 3x Shares ETF -23.20% $307,326.00 N/A
JDST Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 3x Shares ETF -21.01% $47,216.80 N/A
GDJS UltraShort Junior Miners ETF -19.21% $383.00 N/A
GUSH Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 3x Shares ETF -17.39% $61,493.00 N/A
LABU Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x Shares ETF -17.00% $262,313.80 N/A
UBIO UltraPro NASDAQ Biotechnology ETF -16.40% $38,982.40 N/A
GDXS UltraShort Gold Miners ETF -15.35% $2,023.00 N/A
NAIL Direxion Daily Homebuilders & Supplies Bull 3x Shares ETF -14.42% $2,560.00 N/A
JPNL The Direxion Daily Japan Bull 3X Shares ETF -14.01% $9,287.50 N/A
HOML ETRACS Monthly Reset 2xLeveraged ISE Exclusively Homebuilders ETN -13.96% $18,120.00 N/A
SOXL Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares ETF -13.56% $84,099.50 N/A
UGAZ VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN -12.71% $236,651.10 N/A
GASL Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3x Shares ETF -12.61% $56,877.10 N/A
YINN Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3x Shares ETF -12.61% $129,250.00 N/A
DXJF WisdomTree Japan Hedged Financials Fund -12.29% $13,146.00 N/A
EDC Direxion Daily Emerging Markets Bull 3x Shares ETF -11.35% $172,938.20 N/A
INDL Direxion Daily India Bull 3x Shares ETF -11.10% $79,147.80 N/A
BIB Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF -10.96% $455,728.00 N/A
DXJC WisdomTree Japan Hedged Capital Goods Fund -10.63% $3,016.50 N/A
DGLD VelocityShares 3x Inverse Gold ETN -10.47% $19,830.80 N/A
DXJ WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund -9.51% $8,784,332.80 N/A
EZJ Ultra MSCI Japan ETF -9.39% $9,792.50 N/A
HEWJ iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETF -9.35% $548,954.00 N/A
HGJP Hedged FTSE Japan ETF -9.33% $4,506.00 N/A
LBND PowerShares DB 3x Long 25+ Year Treasury Bond ETN -9.28% $8,191.40 N/A
YCS UltraShort Yen ETF -9.20% $177,005.50 N/A
DBJP Deutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity ETF -9.04% $1,029,360.90 N/A
BRZU Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3x Shares ETF -8.91% $61,957.80 N/A
DTYS iPath US Treasury 10-year Bear ETN -8.86% $51,592.10 N/A
XPP ULTRA FTSE CHINA 50 ETF -8.46% $21,090.00 N/A
RUSL Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares ETF -8.26% $191,111.70 N/A
DXJH WisdomTree Japan Hedged Health Care Fund -8.23% $17,814.50 N/A
TECL Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3x Shares ETF -8.20% $148,857.00 N/A
KORU Direxion Daily South Korea Bull 3X Shares ETF -8.17% $4,992.00 N/A
JHDG WisdomTree Japan Hedged Quality Dividend Growth Fund -7.94% $15,120.00 N/A
USD Ultra Semiconductors ETF -7.83% $22,980.00 N/A
AGA PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short ETN -7.72% $1,028.70 N/A
DXJR WisdomTree Japan Hedged Real Estate Fund -7.56% $156,612.00 N/A
DZZ DB Gold Double Short ETN -7.48% $46,897.90 N/A
TQQQ UltraPro QQQ ETF -7.44% $1,188,875.00 N/A
URTY UltraPro Russell2000 ETF -7.43% $87,180.00 N/A
PXE PowerShares Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production Portfolio ETF -7.40% $73,425.00 N/A
EET Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets ETF -7.34% $26,040.00 N/A
DZK Direxion Daily Developed Markets Bull 3x Shares ETF -7.31% $21,577.50 N/A
FXJP PowerShares Japan Currency Hedged Low Volatility Portfolio ETF -7.30% $1,201.00 N/A
TNA Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3x Shares ETF -7.23% $733,488.00 N/A
PSCE PowerShares S&P SmallCap Energy Portfolio ETF -7.21% $53,728.00 N/A
ERX Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3x Shares ETF -7.13% $591,117.50 N/A
HBU Ultra Homebuilders & Supplies ETF -7.11% $897.50 N/A
HFXJ IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE Japan ETF -7.01% $24,360.00 N/A
ROM Ultra Technology ETF -6.99% $98,298.80 N/A
DXJS WisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity Fund -6.98% $193,325.00 N/A
GLL UltraShort Gold ETF -6.95% $63,907.10 N/A
TUR iShares MSCI Turkey ETF -6.87% $429,750.00 N/A
PBE PowerShares Dynamic Biotechnology & Genome Portfolio ETF -6.84% $270,844.00 N/A
LBJ Direxion Daily Latin America Bull 3x Shares ETF -6.73% $12,688.50 N/A
SEA Guggenheim Shipping ETF -6.67% $39,168.00 N/A
BBC BioShares Biotechnology Clinical Trials Fund -6.66% $27,600.10 N/A
TAN Guggenheim Solar ETF -6.54% $246,572.90 N/A
LMLP ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Wells Fargo MLP Ex-Energy ETN -6.40% $15,960.00 N/A
CRBQ Global Commodity Equity ETF -6.35% $16,035.00 N/A
ARKG Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF -6.29% $7,172.60 N/A
QCLN FlexShares Quality Dividend Defensive Index Fund -6.26% $65,472.00 N/A
DLBS iPath US Treasury Long Bond Bear ETN -6.20% $19,058.40 N/A
SBIO ALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETF -6.19% $121,635.00 N/A
FAUS First Trust Australia AlphaDEX Fund -6.13% $2,921.00 N/A
ZSML ETFS Zacks Earnings Small-Cap U.S. Index Fund -6.13% $1,277.60 N/A
UOP Ultra Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF -6.12% $1,365.80 N/A
DXJT WisdomTree Japan Hedged Tech, Media and Telecom Fund -6.07% $3,016.50 N/A
DSLV VelocityShares 3x Inverse Silver ETN -6.03% $17,827.80 N/A
SZO PowerShares DB Crude Oil Short ETN -6.01% $10,607.30 N/A
RFAP First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Asia Pacific ETF -5.99% $25,445.00 N/A
TMV Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bear 3x Shares ETF -5.90% $378,150.90 N/A
VXDN AccuShares Spot CBOE VIX Fund Down Class Shares ETF -5.77% N/A N/A
UBR Ultra MSCI Brazil ETF -5.75% $16,705.10 N/A
XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF -5.74% $1,933,797.60 N/A
TTT UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury ETF -5.70% $79,578.30 N/A
FBT First Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index Fund -5.65% $872,046.00 N/A
CURE Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3x Shares ETF -5.65% $238,720.00 N/A
HEWP iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Spain ETF -5.65% $43,538.00 N/A
MIDU Direxion Daily Mid Cap Bull 3x Shares ETF -5.64% $51,000.40 N/A
GREK The Global X MSCI Greece ETF -5.61% $247,432.00 N/A
IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF -5.56% $7,556,724.00 N/A
IEO iShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF -5.56% $442,782.00 N/A
XBI SPDR S&P Biotech ETF -5.55% $1,828,750.00 N/A
EZA iShares MSCI South Africa ETF -5.50% $480,066.00 N/A
MLPZ ETRACS 2xMonthly Leveraged S&P MLP Index ETN Series B ETF -5.46% $43,840.00 N/A
FTW First Trust Taiwan AlphaDEX Fund -5.43% $5,800.00 N/A
MLPB ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN Series B ETF -5.41% $34,590.00 N/A
HJPX iShares Currency Hedged JPX-Nikkei 400 ETF -5.38% $3,324.00 N/A
UMDD UltraPro MidCap400 ETF -5.35% $26,619.00 N/A
EGPT VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETF -5.34% $29,841.40 N/A
BBH VanEck Vectors Biotech ETF -5.33% $536,124.50 N/A
BBP BioShares Biotechnology Products Fund -5.33% $23,280.10 N/A
XIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN -5.28% $867,406.40 N/A
SMHD ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US Small Cap High Dividend ETN -5.28% $15,790.00 N/A

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