ETF Edge: January 2013

Published on by on January 2, 2013

Welcome to the January edition of ETF Edge! The fiscal cliff is still on everyones’ mind, but talks of compromise in the House are reassuring signs for tax wary investors. The European Union remains plagued with debt drama and lackluster economic growth, but the month ended on a calm note, with many investors taking a break for the markets to spend time with friends and family around the holidays.

Slow trading on Wall Street wasn’t enough to discourage several new launches along with a handful of product proposals. Inside ETF Edge, we feature products flying under the radar and also break down the best and worst performers to date this year; our databank of over 1,400 exchange-traded products provides a flexible resource for investors and advisors to analyze the performance and products available in every ETFdb Category. Here’s a look at what’s inside this month’s ETF Edge:

  • Coming and Going: In this section, we highlight the investment thesis behind each new ETP that launched this past month.
  • ETF Spotlight: In this segment we highlight an ETF that is flying under the radars of most investors, but that may present an intriguing investment option in the current environment. This month’s spotlight covers a different take on large cap equities, and offers exposure to a revolutionary take on performance review.
  • Sector & Region Outlook: In this section, we take a look at pricing multiples across the U.S. economy and around the world, pointing out some noteworthy developments.
  • Now Is The Season To: This month we cover Factor Tilt ETFs, for investors who want the long term benefits associated with large cap equities, along with the growth potential of small caps.
  • ETF Performance Database: Year-to-date performance and expense data for all 1,400+ U.S.-listed ETFs, organized by ETFdb Category.

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