MINT - Enhanced Short Maturity Strategy Fund

  • Issuer: PIMCO
  • Structure: ETF
  • Expense Ratio: 0.35%
  • ETFdb Category: Money Market
  • ETF Home Page: MINT
  • Inception: 2009-11-16
  • Tax Form: 1099
  • MINT Tracks This Index: n/a

Description: This ETF is not linked to a specific benchmark.

Last Updated:

MINT - Profile

Summary Data for MINT

52 Week Lo: $100.67 52 Week Hi: $101.29
AUM: $4,023.6 M Shares: 39.8 M
Avg. Volume (1 month) 817,185 Avg. Volume (3 month) 524,487
Filings Data as of:

MINT - Holdings

Top Ten Holdings

  1. Goldman Sachs Grp Inc Mtn Be FRN: 1.65%
  2. Amgen FRN: 1.57%
  3. Bellsouth 144A 4.973%: 1.43%
  4. Land Nordrhein-Westfalen Frn: 1.40%
  5. J P Morgan Chase & Co Mtn Be FRN: 1.28%
  6. Becton Dickinson FRN: 1.17%
  7. Verizon Comms FRN: 1.13%
  8. Macquarie Bk 144A FRN: 1.09%
  9. Bpce Sa FRN: 0.97%
  10. Amer Express Cr Corp Mtnbe FRN: 0.97%
%Assets in Top 10: 12.67%
Total Holdings: 568.0

MINT Asset Allocation

Asset Percentage
U.S. Stocks 0.0%
International Stocks 0.11%
U.S. Bonds 41.57%
International Bonds 26.94%
Preferred Stock 0.0%
Convertibles 0.0%
Cash 28.72%
Other 2.67%

MINT Bond Sector Breakdown

Bond Sector Percentage
Treasury 0.0%
TIPS 0.0%
U.S. Agency 0.0%
MBS 0.0%
U.S. Corporate 0.0%
Asset-Backed 0.0%
Convertible 0.0%
Muni 0.0%
Foreign Government 0.0%
Foreign Corporate 0.0%
Other 100.0%

MINT Bond Detailed Sector Breakdown

Bond Sector Percentage
Corporate Bond 51.76%
Cash And Equivalents 27.47%
Commercial Mortgage Backed 5.17%
Asset Backed 3.67%
Agency Mortgage Backed 2.63%
Non Agency Residential Mortgage Backed 2.04%
Government Related 1.3%
Municipal Taxable 0.76%
Government 0.55%
US Municipal Tax Advantaged 0.25%
Bank Loan 0.0%
Convertible 0.0%
Covered Bond 0.0%
Preferred 0.0%
Sector Swap 0.0%
Future Forward 0.0%
Option Warrant 0.0%

MINT Coupon Breakdown

Coupon Range Percentage
0% to 1% 39.42%
1% to 2% 17.98%
2% to 3% 2.13%
3% to 4% 2.45%
4% to 5% 2.35%
5% to 6% 3.61%
6% to 7% 0.28%
7% to 8% 0.25%
8% to 9% 0.0%
9% to 10% 0.0%
Greater Than 10% 0.03%

MINT Credit Quality

Credit Percentage

MINT Maturity Breakdown

Maturity Percentage
Less Than 1 Year 0.0%
1-3 Years 38.54%
3-5 Years 15.27%
5-7 Years 3.48%
7-10 Years 2.75%
10-15 Years 1.49%
15-20 Years 1.13%
20-30 Years 3.68%
30+ Years 2.14%
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MINT - Fact Sheet

Fact sheets are issued by the ETF provider and framed by Information contained within the fact sheet is not guaranteed to be timely or accurate.

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MINT - Charts

The following charts can be customized to display historical performance in a number of different formats, including line charts, bar charts, and candlesticks. Time periods can be adjusted to increase or decrease the period shown, ranging from five minutes to several months.

The following chart also includes the option to compare the performance of MINT relative to other ETFs and benchmarks or to include indicators such as Bollinger Bands, relative strength, and moving averages.

MINT - Fundamentals

MINT Performance

1 Week Return: -0.05%
2 Week Return: 0.01%
4 Week Return: 0.03%
13 Week Return: -0.09%
26 Week Return: -0.06%
YTD Return: 0.07%
1 Year Return: 0.29%
3 Year Return: 1.93%
5 Year Return: 2.66%

MINT Expenses & Fees

  • Expense Ratio: 0.35%
  • Category: Money Market
  • Category Range: 0.14% to 0.28%
  • Category Average: 0.20%

MINT Valuation

P/E Ratio: n/a
Beta: 0.06
20 Day Moving Average: $101.07
60 Day Moving Average: $101.04

MINT Dividend

Annual Dividend Rate: $0.72
Dividend Date: 2015-01-30
Dividend: $0.06
Annual Dividend Yield %: 0.71%

MINT Volatility

5 Day Volatility: 0.91%
20 Day Volatility: 0.73%
50 Day Volatility: 0.76%
200 Day Volatility: 0.70%
Standard Deviation: 0.13%

MINT - Technicals

MINT Technicals

20 Day MA: $101.07
60 Day MA: $101.04
MACD 15 Period: -0.02
MACD 100 Period: -0.01
Williams % Range 10 Day: 61.90
Williams % Range 20 Day: 48.15
RSI 10 Day: 48
RSI 20 Day: 51
RSI 30 Day: 50
Ultimate Oscillator: 46

MINT Bollinger Bands

Lower Bollinger (10 Day): $101.06
Upper Bollinger (10 Day): $101.17
Lower Bollinger (20 Day): $100.98
Upper Bollinger (20 Day): $101.17
Lower Bollinger (30 Day): $100.95
Upper Bollinger (30 Day): $101.16

MINT Support & Resistance

Support Level 1: $101.01
Support Level 2: $100.94
Resistance Level 1: $101.12
Resistance Level 2: $101.16

MINT Stochastic

Stochastic Oscillator %D (1 Day): 52.49
Stochastic Oscillator %D (5 Day): 39.61
Stochastic Oscillator %K (1 Day): 44.77
Stochastic Oscillator %K (5 Day): 44.70

MINT Volatility

5 Day Volatility: 0.91%
20 Day Volatility: 0.73%
50 Day Volatility: 0.76%
200 Day Volatility: 0.70%
Standard Deviation: 0.13%

MINT - ETFdb Realtime Rating & Analyst Report

MINT is an active ETF. As such, MINT does not seek to replicate a specified benchmark.

ETFdb Category Expense Ratio Inception Date Issuer Structure YTD Return *
Money Market 0.35 2009-11-16 PIMCO ETF +0.07%

MINT Realtime Rating: By Metric

Metric Metric Realtime Rating A+ Metric Rated ETF
Liquidity A-
Expenses C
Performance ETFdb Pro Members Only
Volatility ETFdb Pro Members Only
Dividend ETFdb Pro Members Only
Concentration ETFdb Pro Members Only

The first adjacent table gives investors an individual Realtime Rating for MINT on several different metrics, including liquidity, expenses, performance, volatility, dividend, and concentration of holdings. The "A+ Metric Rated ETF" field, available to ETFdb Pro members, shows the ETF in the Money Market ETFdb Category with the highest Metric Realtime Rating for each individual field.

MINT Realtime Rating: Overall

ETFdb Rating Type Overall Rating A+ Overall Rated ETF
Realtime Rating (Overall) ETFdb Pro Members Only ETFdb Pro Members Only

The second table shows the overall Realtime Rating for MINT, as well as the A+ Overall Rated ETF in MINT's Category. To view all of this data, sign up for a free 14-day trial for ETFdb Pro. To view information on how the ETFdb Realtime Ratings work, click here.

ETFdb Analyst Report for MINT

This popular active ETF offers exposure to the ultrashort end of the maturity curve, focusing on corporate debt that matures within one year. MINT is extremely light on both interest rate risk and credit risk, and as such will generally deliver a very low expected return. MINT can be a great safe...

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