How to Use ETF Database

Published on by on July 18, 2014 | Updated August 15, 2014

Here at ETF Database, we offer a suite of tools and resources to help you make better, informed decisions when it comes to your investments. In an effort to help you take full advantage of everything we offer, below we outline some of our most popular and useful features below:

The ETFdb Screener

One of the most effective tools on our site is our proprietary ETF screener, which allows investors to narrow down the ETF universe based on the criteria they input. The screener begins by asking you for a series of inputs based on what kind of ETF you are looking for. Begin by choosing an asset class, after which you can narrow down those results with anything from a fund’s leverage to its historical performance. The number of funds that fit your criteria will always display in the top right hand corner of the screener tool.

The “Show More Filters” button on the right hand side of your screen will give you more advanced options and you can reset your inputs at any time by hitting the “Reset Filters” button.

The results will automatically update once you input new criteria in the table at the bottom of the page. To learn more about any of the ETFs displayed, simply click on the ticker in the table. ETFdb Pro Members are able to download screener results to a CSV and excel file, giving them more control and granularity over their data.


Free Tools

While we feature a powerful screener to help narrow down the kind of ETF that is right for you, we also have a number of other free resources to help you make the appropriate allocations:

PD Analytics

  • ETF Analyzer: This tool gives investors the ability to select the exact criteria they would like to see display for a certain set of funds. Say you wanted to see the assets under management and YTD performance of every gold ETF; the Analyzer allows you to do just that. Pro members have access to additional output criteria and full download capabilities.
  • ETF Country Exposure Tool: Often times investors look for exposure based on region. This tool allows you to select any country of your choice and then displays every ETF that allocates resources within its borders.
  • ETF Stock Exposure Tool: Some investors may want an ETF that includes a certain ticker or set of companies. This tool allows you to type in any stock ticker and then displays every ETF that makes an allocation to that firm.
  • Mutual Fund to ETF Converter: ETFs often feature lower expenses than their mutual fund counterparts, making it ideal to switch over in many cases. This tool allows you type in the ticker of any mutual fund and then displays every ETF with a similar or identical investment thesis.
  • Head-to-Head Comparison Tool: This feature allows investors to input to ETFs and see their respective stats and attributes side by side. It is very useful when trying to decide between a small number of funds.
  • ETF Performance Visualizer: This tool allows investors to see the annual returns of every ETF displayed in a bubble chart. The tool is designed to help you pick leaders and laggards on an annual basis to identify trends in the market.

ETF Categorization

Another important feature for investors is our unique categorization system known as ETFdb Categories. We have personally placed every U.S.-listed ETF into a best-fit category with similar products to allow you to better compare various funds. Each category page has a number of tabs that display different data and are fully sortable, allowing you to pick out one fund that stands out from the rest in a particular discipline.

New ETFsOur ticker pages also keep all of the most vital stats for every product in one spot, allowing you to fully dive into a particular fund. We have always recommended looking closely at each ETF prior to investing to be sure that you fully understand the product, and our ticker pages allow you to do just that. At any time, you can also type in a ticker in the search bar and you will be automatically brought to its page.

ETFdb Pro

For those who wish to dive further into our product, we offer our ETFdb Pro service, which unlocks a number of features on our site. Pro members have access to data downloads, premium articles that feature recommendations, our monthly newsletter that takes a dive into the industry as a whole, and more. Click here to see all of the features that Pro offers to see if the service is a good fit for you.

The Bottom Line: Keeping You Updated

Along with our data and tools, we also feature regular analysis/etf education and news to keep you in-the-know for the ETF world. If you are unsure of where to start, check out some of our most popular pages below to get a better feel for the ETF universe:

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