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Published on by on August 26, 2011 | Updated February 8, 2012

ETF Database, the leading independent database of information on U.S.-listed exchange-traded funds, offers ETF investors a robust suite of free analytical tools. Resources available on include a proprietary ETF screener, head-to-head ETF comparison tool, and customizable filtering capabilities that allow for useful comparison of specified ETFs across dozens of important risk and return metrics.

All of the free ETF tools are accessible through the ETFdb Tools page, and the tutorials and videos below demonstrate the capabilities offered by each of these resources. If you have any questions about any of our ETF tools or ideas for resources you’d like to see available on in the future, drop us a line.

ETFdb tools tutorials:

Enhanced ETFdb Analytics

In August 2011, ETFdb announced an expanded and improved suite of resources that offers tools for segmenting and analyzing more than 1,200 U.S.-listed ETFs and ETNs. The enhancements to are visible on the ETFdb Category pages, which now include six tabs full of information of groups of ETFs that maintain similar risk and return profiles. The expanded analytics are also included on the ETFdb Types pages and the ETF screener.

Each of these pages, including customizable ETF screener results, include six tabs full of information on the selected ETF:

  • Overview: This tab shows basic information for each ETF, including assets under management, average daily volume, and year-to-date return.
  • Returns: This tab gives performance statistics across six time periods, ranging from one week to five years. The return fields are sortable, allowing investors to quickly identify the best and worst performers over various time horizons.
  • Expenses: This tab allows investors to compare the cost efficiency of selected ETFs, including a comparison of expense ratios and a listing of any platforms that offer commission free trading.
  • Dividends: The dividends tab will display yield, dividend amount, and most recent dividend date for each relevant ETF. This tab also shows users a fund’s P/E ratio as well as the beta.
  • Technicals: The technicals tab displays key support and resistance levels, as well as relative strength metrics.
  • Analysis: Our new analysis tab gives users quick links to more in-depth analysis of each ETF, including fact sheet, holdings, and the ability to use it in our ETFdb Head-to-Head comparison tool.

See a full demonstration of the enhanced below:

ETF Screener

Our ETF screener offers flexibility and granularity for investors seeking to identify the exchange-traded products consistent with their investment objective. This tool allows for users to narrow down the universe of exchange traded products by various metrics including YTD performance, assets under management, leverage, bond type, and much more. Users simply work their way from the top down, and the screener will automatically update to offer new options based on previous selections. The right hand side of the tool will display how many results fit the current input criteria. At any point in time, users can click the “Show These ETFs” button to display all of the results that the screener has found. Below, we offer and instructional video for how to utilize this unique tool:

Head-To-Head Comparison Tool

This tool is an analytical resource that allows investors to quickly and easily compare two ETFs side by side and analyze how potential investments stack up in terms of holdings, performance, technical strength, and other descriptive metrics. The user-friendly layout of the Head-To-Head ETF Comparison Tool prompts investors to enter tickers of two ETFs. The results page offers five different tabs of comparative metrics, including: Overview, Holdings, Performance, Technicals, and Descriptive Data. These five tabs compare various stats for each ETF to give investors a side-by-side view of competing products, making it much easier to decide which fund would best fit your portfolio:

Country Exposure Tool

The ETF Country Exposure Tool is a free resource that allows investors to identify all U.S.-listed equity ETFs that maintain exposure to a particular country. There are two ways to utilize the tool: investors can either click on a country on our interactive world map or use a dropdown box to make a selection. The resulting table will show all U.S.-listed equity ETFs that maintain material exposure to the selected country, beginning with those that maintain the highest allocation and also including funds that make smaller allocations to a particular economy (results exclude leveraged ETFs). See a demonstration of the tool in action below:

Mutual Fund To ETF Converter

This tool is designed to allow investors to easily identify the exchange-traded products most comparable to to a selected mutual fund. Users can input the ticker of any mutual fund and results will display two separate tables of ETF alternatives: ETFs that seek to replicate the index acting as the mutual fund’s benchmark and ETFs tracking indexes that are included in the same ETFdb Category as the mutual fund benchmark. If a mutual fund is benchmarked against an index for which there is not an “exact match” ETF, the converter tool will display ETFs linked to indexes in the same ETFdb Category as the mutual fund.

Stock Exposure Tool

This tool quickly and accurately identifies hundreds of stocks that are accessible through ETFs. Users can input the ticker of their favorite stock, and the resulting table will show which ETFs make allocations to that security, and how significant the allocation is. Searching for GOOG, for instance, will display the equity ETFs that maintain material exposure to Google. See a demonstration of how to use this tool below:

Smartphone App

The ETFdb App is available for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices. This app allows users to categorize the ETF universe in two ways: 1) by ETFdb Category (e.g., Large Cap Equities, Precious Metals, etc.) and 2) by issuer. Multiple data points are included for each ETF, including expense ratio, issuer, and ETFdb Category. You can even pull up the detailed fund detail pages right inside the application (without switching back and forth between the ETFdb app and the Safari Web browser). Best of all, the app is completely free on all platforms, allowing users to browse the universe of ETFs from their pocket at no extra cost.