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As the world of ETFs has expanded from a closet industry to a mainstream investment vehicle, the number of funds has skyrocketed, meaning investors have more ETF options than ever before. Sorting through all of the funds offered today can be a daunting task, particularly with recent innovations in the industry that have introduced increasingly complex and unique ETFs.

Fortunately for ETF investors, there are dozens of useful free web-based resources to help you research potential ETF investments and determine which fund is right for you.

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Enables construction of custom correlation tables to show the strength of the relationship between various ETFs and asset classes.

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Bloomberg ETF Screener

Bloomberg ETF Screener:Allows users to search for ETFs traded in dozens of countries around the globe. This ETF screener also allows users to sort by expense ratio and recent performance.

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Board Central

Brings together financial message boards and stock-related tweets to provide one of the largest online financial communities. Check out their BuZZ pages to see this most-discussed tickers.

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Capital Cube ETF Screener

The Capital Cube ETF screener allows users to search for ETFs by various factors.

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Dividend ETFs offers a list of the most popular dividend ETFs.

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ETF Connect Fund Sorter

Allows users to screen both closed-end funds and indexed ETFs by a number of criteria, including premiums to NAV and distribution rate.

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ETF Database

Chart any one of 850 ETFs in a variety styles (including simple lines, candlesticks, and directional bars) over customized time periods.

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ETF Database Expense Ratio Comparisons

Displays a list of the 25 ETFs with the highest expense ratio and the 25 funds with the lowest expense ratio.

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ETF Dividend Yield

This tool compares the dividend yield history of two ETFs.

ETF Experts Screener

Has capabilities to search for ETFs by investment philosophy, index composition, asset class, and region.

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ETF Heat Map

Provides a visual representation of daily ETF price movements and volume.

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ETF Investment Outlook

This site features breadth charts and rankings for more than 100 ETFs to help investors find the next up or down movements.

ETF Ratings Screener

The Street’s Rating screener rates stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. This tool is a great way for investors to compare ETFs.

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ETF Replay ETF Volatility Tool

The ETF Volatility tool on allow investors to compare the volatility of several different ETFs.

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ETF Replay Highs and Lows

The ETF Replays ETF New Highs / Lows tool allows investors to see the best and worst performing ETFs.

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ETF Research Center

Offers a variety of screening fields, including fundamental criteria such as sales and earnings growth and valuation criteria such as price-to-sales and price-to-earnings ratios.

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ETF Table

Allows users to rank ETFs by various criteria, including historical returns and moving average crossovers.

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ETF Tips

Provides a number of ways to sort available ETFs, including by industry, investment style, and region. ETF Tips includes information on ETFs traded on global stock exchanges.

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ETF Trends

The ETF Analyzer at ETF Trends allows users to sort funds by ticker symbol by clicking on a letter. ETFs can also be sorted by a variety of different criteria.

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This newsletter allows users to sort primarily by performance metrics, including one month, three month, year-to-date, and ten-year returns.

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ETFdb Category Pages

Offers a list of approximately 65 “best fit” categories that contain the universe of all available U.S.-listed ETFs. ETFdb Categories stretch across all asset classes, and even include leveraged, inverse, and multi-asset funds.

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ETFdb Screener

This free ETF screener allows users to filter the universe of ETFs by a variety of criteria, including asset class, industry, region, issuer, and expense ratio. Unlike many screeners, the ETFdb screener uses proprietary technology to prevent users from selecting options that will not return any results.

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This resource provides a comprehensive list of performance measures and technical analysis indicators.

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Fidelity ETF Evaluator

This user-friendly screening resource features a style/capitalization box and a region selection map for choosing international ETFs.

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Fidelity ETF Tool

Allows users to customize, analyze, and trade an ETF portfolio. This resource also includes “market lenses,” broad market indexes that can be broken down into mutually exclusive components.

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iShares Historical Returns

The iShares Historical Returns tool allows investors to compare to iShares ETFs.

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iShares Portfolio Builder

The iShares portfolio builder allows iShares investors to find the most fitting ETFs for their investing style.

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Macro Axis

Allows investors to construct 30-day moving average correlation tables and clouds with up to 15 ticker symbols.

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MarketWatch ETF Screener

The MarketWatch ETF Screener provides a number of screening criteria, including beta, average daily volume, and fund price.

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MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange

Test your ETF investment strategy with this virtual portfolio center that allows you to track returns, access news and research reports from various sources, and utilize other free research and analytical tools.

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Master Data

Ranks ETFs and indexes by specific key statistics such as price change and volume, as well as breadth statistics such as number of constituents above moving averages and constituent uptrends.

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Morningstar ETF Newsletter

The Morningstar ETF newsletter provides ETF investors with valuable information.

Morningstar ETF Screener

Allows users to graphically apply screening criteria to narrow the ETF universe by expense ratio, return metrics, index correlations, and exposure to particular stocks.

Motley Fool Ticker Pages

Compiles the latest news on ETF tickers, as well as user-generated performance polls and bull and bear cases for each ETF.

Mutual Fund to ETF Converter

ETFdb’s Mutual Fund to ETF Converter allows investors to find of ETF equivalent to mutual funds.

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NASDAQ ETF Comparison Tool

Allows investors to see the best and worst performing ETFs over a number of time periods, from one day to five years.

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Provides users with five categories for screening exchange-traded funds to find the one that is right for you. Options include size, style, returns, and share price.

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Schaeffer’s Investment Research ETF Center

This handy tool allows investors to find ETFs that are trading above or below their moving day average for a variety of different time periods, from 10 to 200 days.


Self-described as “Bloomberg for the little guy and gal,” StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea that allows traders and investors to swap tips and ideas.

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TD Ameritrade Instant X-Ray

Users enter ETF tickers and holding values and this tool reports the asset allocation, sector breakdown, style box diversification, expense summary, and regional allocations.

Recent Feed Items: ETF Screener

This screener includes a field that allows users to filter funds by recommendation and risk ratings.

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Trading Expense Calculator - Guggenheim

Helps investors compare the costs of investing in ETFs versus no-load mutual funds. Investors enter a few inputs and this resource computes which trading route will be the cheapest.

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U.S. News ETF Ranking

U.S News Money lists the best ETFs by category.

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Vanguard ETF Comparison Tool

This resource from Vanguard allows potential investors to compare ETFs offered by different sponsors on a number of different points, such as expenses, total assets, and historical returns. ETF Ratings

Provides ratings, on a scale of 1 to 10, for ETFs based on several criteria, including structural integrity, risk-adjusted performance, and yield.

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Yahoo! Finance ETF Center

Filters all ETFs into a “best fit” category, such as Large Cap Blend, Emerging Markets, and Long-Term Government Bonds.

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YTD ETF Performers

This ETF Database tool allows investors to view the best and worst performing ETFs year-to-date.

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