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As the world of ETFs has expanded from a closet industry to a mainstream investment vehicle, the number of funds has skyrocketed, meaning investors have more ETF options than ever before. Sorting through all of the funds offered today can be a daunting task, particularly with recent innovations in the industry that have introduced increasingly complex and unique ETFs.

Fortunately for ETF investors, there are dozens of useful free web-based resources to help you research potential ETF investments and determine which fund is right for you.

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ETF Database Expense Ratio Comparisons

Displays a list of the 25 ETFs with the highest expense ratio and the 25 funds with the lowest expense ratio.

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ETF Dividend Yield

This tool compares the dividend yield history of two ETFs.

ETF Replay ETF Volatility Tool

The ETF Volatility tool on ETFreplay.com allow investors to compare the volatility of several different ETFs.

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ETF Replay Highs and Lows

The ETF Replays ETF New Highs / Lows tool allows investors to see the best and worst performing ETFs.

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ETF Table

Allows users to rank ETFs by various criteria, including historical returns and moving average crossovers.

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iShares Historical Returns

The iShares Historical Returns tool allows investors to compare to iShares ETFs.

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Mutual Fund to ETF Converter

ETFdb’s Mutual Fund to ETF Converter allows investors to find of ETF equivalent to mutual funds.

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NASDAQ ETF Comparison Tool

Allows investors to see the best and worst performing ETFs over a number of time periods, from one day to five years.

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Vanguard ETF Comparison Tool

This resource from Vanguard allows potential investors to compare ETFs offered by different sponsors on a number of different points, such as expenses, total assets, and historical returns.

YTD ETF Performers

This ETF Database tool allows investors to view the best and worst performing ETFs year-to-date.

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