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Headquartered in Boston, State Street Global Advisors was founded in 1978 as a division of State Street Corporation, which was originally founded in 1792. At the end of 2008, State Street had $1.4 trillion in assets under management. SSgA offers the SPDRs series of exchange-traded funds, which stand for S&P Depositary Receipts. The SPDR funds tracks several different S&P-created indices, most notably SPY (the original SPDR), which tracks the S&P 500.

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State Street SPDR ETF Expenses

The following table presents sortable expense information for all State Street SPDR ETFs, including expense ratios and commission free trading. To see information on dividends, returns, or technicals, click on one of the other tabs below.

As Of 04/17/2015
Symbol Name ETFdb Category Inception ER Commission Free
RLY SPDR Multi-Asset Real Return ETF Hedge Fund 2012-04-26 0.70% Charles Schwab
SRLN SPDR Blackstone GSO Senior Loan ETF High Yield Bonds 2013-04-04 0.70% Not Available
INKM SPDR Income Allocation ETF Diversified Portfolio 2012-04-26 0.70% Charles Schwab
GMFS SPDR S&P Small Cap Emerging Asia Pacific ETF Asia Pacific Equities 2012-01-12 0.65% Not Available
EWX SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2008-05-12 0.65% 2 Platforms
SYE SPDR MFS Systematic Core Equity ETF Large Cap Blend Equities 2014-01-08 0.60% Charles Schwab
SYG SPDR MFS Systematic Growth Equity ETF Large Cap Growth Equities 2014-01-08 0.60% Charles Schwab
SYV SPDR MFS Systematic Value Equity ETF Large Cap Value Equities 2014-01-08 0.60% Charles Schwab
RBL SPDR S&P Russia ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2010-03-10 0.59% Not Available
GXC SPDR S&P China ETF China Equities 2007-03-19 0.59% 2 Platforms
RWX SPDR DJ Wilshire Intl Real Estate Global Real Estate 2006-12-15 0.59% TD Ameritrade
GMM SPDR S&P Emerging Markets ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2007-03-19 0.59% Not Available
TOTL SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF Total Bond Market 2015-02-23 0.55% Not Available
DGT SPDR Global Dow ETF Foreign Large Cap Equities 2000-09-25 0.50% Not Available
EMCD SPDR BofA Merrill Lynch Emerging Markets Corporate Bond ETF Emerging Markets Bonds 2012-06-18 0.50% Charles Schwab
WIP SPDR DB International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETF Inflation-Protected Bonds 2008-03-13 0.50% TD Ameritrade
RORO SPDR SSgA Risk Aware ETF All Cap Equities 2014-09-09 0.50% Not Available
IBND SPDR Barclays Capital International Corporate Bond ETF Corporate Bonds 2010-05-19 0.50% Charles Schwab
HYMB SPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Municipal Bond ETF National Munis 2011-04-14 0.50% Charles Schwab
EBND SPDR Barclays Capital Emerging Markets Local Bond ETF Emerging Markets Bonds 2011-02-23 0.50% Charles Schwab
EMFT SPDR MSCI EM 50 ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2012-02-28 0.50% Not Available
BWX SPDR Barclays Intl Treasury Bond International Government Bonds 2007-10-02 0.50% 2 Platforms
RWO SPDR DJ Wilshire Global Real Estate ETF Global Real Estate 2008-05-07 0.50% 2 Platforms
EDIV SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETF Emerging Markets Equities 2011-02-23 0.49% Charles Schwab
GMF SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETF Asia Pacific Equities 2007-03-19 0.49% Charles Schwab

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