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Union Bank of Switzerland was originally founded as a Swiss bank in 1747; the modern UBS AG was formed through a merger of the Swiss Bank Corporation and the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1998 and is publicly listed on the NYSE. UBS offers several ETN products under the E-TRACS brand. The UBS E-TRACS are designed to track the performance of different commodities and sectors and are available on the NYSE Arca exchange.

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UBS ETF Expenses

The following table presents sortable expense information for all UBS ETFs, including expense ratios and commission free trading. To see information on dividends, returns, or technicals, click on one of the other tabs below.

As Of 03/26/2015
Symbol Name ETFdb Category Inception ER Commission Free
DJCI DJ-UBS Commodity Index Total Return ETN Commodities 2009-10-28 0.50% Not Available
MLPS E-TRACS 1xMonthly Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure Total Return ETN Inverse Equities 2010-09-28 0.85% Not Available
MLPL E-TRACS 2x Leveraged Long Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index Leveraged Equities 2010-07-06 0.85% Not Available
BDCL E-TRACS 2xLeveraged Long Wells Fargo Business Development Company ETN Leveraged Equities 2011-05-25 0.85% Not Available
MLPI E-TRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index MLPs 2010-03-31 0.85% Not Available
MLPG E-TRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP Index MLPs 2010-07-13 0.85% Not Available
XVIX E-TRACS Daily Long-Short VIX ETN Volatility 2010-12-01 0.85% Not Available
BDCS E-TRACS Linked to the Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index Financials Equities 2011-04-27 0.85% Not Available
SPGH E-TRACS S&P 500 Gold Hedged ETN Large Cap Blend Equities 2010-01-27 0.85% Not Available
UAG E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Agric ETN Agricultural Commodities 2008-04-01 0.65% Not Available
UCI E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI ETN Commodities 2008-04-01 0.55% Not Available
UBN E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Energy ETN Oil & Gas 2008-04-01 0.65% Not Available
FUD E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Food ETN Agricultural Commodities 2008-04-01 0.65% Not Available
UBG E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Gold ETN Precious Metals 2008-04-01 0.30% Not Available
UBM E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Ind Metal ETN Metals 2008-04-01 0.65% Not Available
UBC E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Livestock ETN Agricultural Commodities 2008-04-01 0.65% Not Available
USV E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Silver ETN Precious Metals 2008-04-01 0.40% Not Available
PTM E-TRACS UBS Long Platinum ETN Precious Metals 2008-05-08 0.65% Not Available
MLPW E-TRACS Wells Fargo MLP Index MLPs 2010-11-01 0.85% Not Available
AMU ETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN MLPs 2012-07-17 0.80% Not Available
DVHI ETRACS Diversified High Income ETN Diversified Portfolio 2013-09-18 0.84% Not Available
HOMX ETRACS ISE Exclusively Homebuilders ETN Building & Construction 2015-03-10 0.40% Not Available
RWXL ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones International Real Estate ETN Leveraged Real Estate 2012-03-20 0.60% Not Available
DVYL ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones Select Dividend Index ETN Leveraged Equities 2012-05-23 0.35% Not Available
SDYL ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged S&P Dividend ETN Leveraged Equities 2012-05-23 0.30% Not Available

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