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ETFs with Verizon Communications Inc (VZ) Exposure

The following ETFs maintain significant exposure to Verizon Communications Inc (VZ); each of the following funds counts VZ among its top ten individual holdings. Note that percentages in the table reflect weightings at the beginning of the current month, and are subject to change.

To see a complete breakdown of any of the ETFs included in the table below, including sector, market cap, and country allocations, click on the ticker symbol.

Ticker ETF ETFdb Category Expense Ratio Weighting
FCOM MSCI Telecommunications Services Index ETF Technology Equities 0.12% 24.82%
VOX Telecom ETF Communications Equities 0.12% 23.40%
IXP iShares Global Telecom ETF Communications Equities 0.47% 17.27%
IYZ iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF Communications Equities 0.45% 12.36%
HDV iShares High Dividend ETF Large Cap Value Equities 0.12% 8.45%
FDL Morningstar Dividend Leaders Index Fund Large Cap Value Equities 0.45% 7.98%
RDIV Ultra Dividend Fund Large Cap Value Equities 0.49% 5.55%
DJD Guggenheim Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend Large Cap Blend Equities 0.30% 5.15%
XLK Technology Select Sector SPDR Technology Equities 0.15% 5.11%
SCHD Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF All Cap Equities 0.07% 4.93%
NFRA STOXX Global Broad Infrastructure Index Fund Global Equities 0.47% 4.42%
OUSA O'Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF Large Cap Value Equities 0.48% 4.37%
RORO SPDR SSgA Risk Aware ETF All Cap Equities 0.50% 4.17%
DHS Equity Income Fund Large Cap Value Equities 0.38% 4.10%
JKF Morningstar Large Value Index Fund Large Cap Value Equities 0.25% 4.08%
PWV Dynamic LargeCap Value Large Cap Value Equities 0.57% 3.89%
GVT Select Large Cap Value ETF Large Cap Value Equities 0.78% 3.75%
PFM Dividend Achievers Large Cap Value Equities 0.55% 3.32%
RYU S&P Equal Weight Utilities ETF Utilities Equities 0.40% 3.04%
FTHI High Income ETF Large Cap Value Equities 0.85% 2.92%
FTLB Low Beta Income ETF Large Cap Value Equities 0.85% 2.91%
PEY High Yield Dividend Achievers All Cap Equities 0.55% 2.90%
XTL SPDR S&P Telecom ETF Communications Equities 0.35% 2.82%
LVHD The Legg Mason Low Volatility High Dividend ETF All Cap Equities 0.30% 2.77%
DSI KLD 400 Social Index Fund Large Cap Blend Equities 0.50% 2.71%

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