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With the fourth quarter of 2011 now well underway, the year is generally shaping up to be one that many investors will try quickly to forget. After 2009 and 2010 brought steady recoveries from the chaotic downturn in 2008, this year has seen renewed concerns about mounting debt burdens around the globe and slowing growth in both developing and advanced economies [see also Build America Bond ETFs: Crushing The Muni Competition].

Just about every corner of the global equity market is drenched in red; few stocks have managed to climb higher in 2011 amidst a spike in risk aversion and a general flight away from equities. Even those on relatively stable fiscal footing have been battered, tumbling on fears that weakness elsewhere in the world will drag down all markets. [click to continue…]

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As the summer winds down, apparently so too does the impressive pace of expansion in the ETF space. Although August launches were a big dropoff from the previous month, the industry still saw the introduction of more than a dozen new exchange-traded products. Whereas many of the products rolled out in previous months have been “first-to-market” concepts, the new ETFs that began trading in August will compete more closely with existing funds [see A Look Back At July's ETF Additions]. August has debuted products which are variations of a pre-existing fund. The new funds range from fixed-income to emerging market local debt to the first Indian Infrastructure ETF [see India ETFs: Five Ways To Play].

Not surprisingly, the ETF pipeline continued to fill with some interesting ideas, some of which could hit the market in the fourth quarter of the year. August also saw a handful of funds shut down; in total, seven ETFs from Claymore and Grail went the way of the dodo. [click to continue…]

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iPath, one of the largest issuers of exchange traded notes (ETNs) announced today a significant expansion of its product line. The firm introduced eight new ETNs linked to indexes measuring the performance of various corners of the government bond market. The fixed income ETNs join an existing product line that includes debt instruments offering exposure […]

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