ETFdb Tools

Most of these tools are offered completely free by ETF Database. Some of our tools may offer increased features accessible only to ETFdb Pro members, access the full power of ETF Database by starting your 14-day FREE trial now.

ETF Analyzer

The ETF Analyzer is the most flexible data tool available for ETF investors; this resource allows comparisons of potential ETF investments on a wide range of criteria, including expenses, performance, dividend yield, and volatility. ETFdb Pro members get full download capabilities.

ETF Screener

ETFdb's proprietary categorization system allows users to identify exchange traded products that match their investment objectives. The universe of ETFs can be filtered by dozens of descriptive criteria, including asset class sector, region, historical performance, and expense ratio.

Mutual Fund To ETF Converter

This tool is designed to facilitate the switch from mutual funds to ETFs. ETFdb's proprietary mapping system will identify the "best fit" ETFs for mutual funds based on the underlying index.

ETF Country Exposure Tool

ETFdb's Country Exposure Tool allows investors to identify equity ETFs that offer exposure to a specified country. Whether you're looking for exposure to Albania or Zambia (or any place in between), this tool can help to identify the best options.

ETFdb iPhone/iPad App

This free app allows investors to access ETFdb's proprietary categorization of all U.S.-listed from their mobile device. The app filters the universe of ETFs by various criteria, including by issuer and ETFdb Category, and includes expense data for each fund.

ETFs Head-To-Head

This tool allows investors to compare two ETFs head-to-head, presenting holdings data, performance metrics, and technical indicators in a format that makes it easy to evaluate potential ETF investments.

ETF Stock Exposure Tool

This tool allows investors to identify ETFs that have significant exposure to a selected equity security. Results are displayed beginning with the equity ETF that makes the largest allocation to indicated stock.

ETF Performance Visualizer

This tool displays the annual performance of every ETF in existence, making it easy for investors to pick out annual trends and spot the hot and cold spots in the market.

ETFdb Pro

This premium subscription includes access to more than a dozen all ETF model portfolios, category reports covering every asset class, enhanced screener download capabilities, and a monthly ETF newsletter full of performance data, portfolio advice, and actionable investment ideas.

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