Five Web Tools to Research the Buzz on an ETF

by on April 24, 2009 | ETFs Mentioned:

When it comes to checking a particular ETF’s financials, we all have our favorite web tool (for me, it’s Yahoo! Finance). But sometimes you want something entirely different: you want to hear opinions, rumors or qualitative analysis. You want the ETF watercooler! Here are five useful web tools to get the scuttlebutt on any ETF.

  1. Stocktwits launched to great PR fanfare about a half year ago. Stocktwits is built on top of the Twitter platform. Users can include [$TICKER] in a particular “tweet” (as Twitter micro-blog posts are called), and it will show up on the Stocktwits page for that ticker. It’s geared towards traders and has a “real-time” functionality that active traders may like. Check out the Stocktwits page for SPY.
  2. Tip’d: Tip’d is the most popular social news site for finance (users vote on the daily news stories). ETF investors and traders might find two of its functions useful: firstly, it has an ETF social news category (sign up here to submit your own news). Secondly, Tip’d Social Tickers aggregate social Web activity on any particular stock ticker (including Tweets, blog posts, bookmarks, and Tip’d stories). Check out the Tip’d Social Ticker for SPY. (Disclosure: your author has an ownership stake in Tip’d.)
  3. WikiInvest: WikiInvest is notable for having taken the popular wiki (“anyone can edit”) concept to investing. WikiInvest users can add or edit each others content on any particular investment, the goal being to create a community page that’s more valuable than any single user’s analysis. Check out the WikiInvest page for SPY.
  4. SocialPicks: The slogan at this site is “Invest smarter together.” At SocialPicks, users can share investment ideas and track other users’ investment performance. The site’s ticker pages also link to recent relevant blog posts from around the Web. Check out the SocialPicks page for SPY.
  5. BoardCentral: BoardCentral is currently in Beta testing, but the service is quite useful so it may pick up some steam. Its ticker pages aggregate the latest message board threads on any particular ticker (making it possibly more useful than just visiting the Yahoo! Finance boards directly, which is why I didn’t include those in this list). Check out the BoardCentral page for SPY.