2010 ETF Edge

Published on by on May 4, 2012

If you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of ETFs and catch a glimpse into the industry's future, ETF Edge has the information you need. In addition to looking beyond the headlines in the ETF industry, ETF Edge is full of actionable ETF plays and investment tips to manage your portfolio.

  • ETF Edge: December 2010
    The final Edge of 2010 offers insights into the hurdles facing ETFs in 2011, some actionable ideas in an increasingly difficult environment, and a look at the impact of weighting decisions on returns so far this year.
  • ETF Edge: November 2010
    The November issue includes a run-down of some surprising developments in the ETF industry, as well as all of the new products to hit the market in October. We also highlight some actionable investment ideas, including a contangoed commodity, fund yielding more than 8%, and a long/short pairs trade.
  • ETF Edge: October 2010
    In this edition, we highlight what investors need to look for in the fourth quarter of 2010 as a variety of new ETFs hit the market. In a new addition to this issue, we debut the ETF scorecard which will let investors see how different weighting methodologies performed over the last month.
  • ETF Edge: September 2010
    In this month's edition we offer our take on some interesting changes in the competitive landscape, and break down some out-of-control hype surrounding some new products. Plus, the debut of the ETFdb Portfolios and the new ETF Spotlight segment.
  • ETF Edge: August 2010
    This edition highlights several intriguing new ETFs and discusses some potential actionable ideas after the market's stellar mid-year gain in July.
  • ETF Edge: July 2010
    This month's edition looks forward to the second half of the year while recapping the intriguing twists and turns of the ETF industry in the first two quarters.
  • ETF Edge: June 2010
    The June edition of Edge offers up some actionable investment ideas for investors licking their chops after a brutal May, as well as the latest on the ever-changing ETF landscape and a new (but perhaps not uncomfortable) position for iShares.
  • ETF Edge: May 2010
    The April edition of ETF Edge contains a wealth of news on the ETF industry, as well as four surprising actionable ETF investment ideas.
  • ETF Edge: April 2010
    These are interesting times for the ETF industry, with an increasingly uncertain regulatory environment, exciting new product launches, and numerous investment opportunities. In the March edition of Edge, we highlight all the important developments, and give our picks for some second quarter winners.
  • ETF Edge: March 2010
    We see interesting times ahead for the ETF industry, with one potential gamechanger in the works and another potential disaster building. Also, we give our actionable ETF investment picks for the month.
  • ETF Edge: February 2010
    This month's edition of ETF Edge features some interesting info on ETF issuers (who's being acquired and who may be going bankrupt), as well as actionable investment ideas and some advice for those looking to reduce risk without scrambling to traditional safe havens.
  • ETF Edge: January 2010
    The first ETF Edge of the new year comes complete with a look a look ahead to what 2010 may hold for the industry (there's a few surprises here!) along with four actionable investment plays from our team of experts.

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