This Week In ETFs: September 17th Edition

by on September 17, 2010 | ETFs Mentioned:

An eventful week on Wall Street gave investors some reason to be optimistic about the sustainability of the recovery, as a number of positive data releases and earnings report boosted sentiment as the third quarter draws to a close. September is holding up as an impressive equity market rally, reclaiming much of the ground lost during a dismal August.

It was also a busy week in the ETF industry, with funds both coming and going. Among the noteworthy additions to the ETF lineup was the first emerging markets consumer ETF (ECON) from EGShares [see Another Emerging Markets ETF First]. Among those funds to announce their termination were the Oklahoma and Texas funds and Javelin’s Islamic market ETF [see Oklahoma ETF, Texas ETF To Shut Down].  Below, we highlight three of the best ETF stories from around the Web during the last week:

ETFs Now In SEC Circuit Breaker Program at Index Universe:

With investors still baffled by the “flash crash” that shook markets earlier this year, the SEC has expanded its circuit breaker program to now include all stocks in the Russell 1000 large-cap index and close to 350 ETFs. The circuit breaker will include popular funds such as SPY, EEM, QQQQ, and a number of inverse/leveraged funds. In this article, Olivier Ludwig goes on to explain in detail how this program will work and what investors need to know about new regulations.

Europe: The Investor Escape Hatch From the U.S. Recession at Money Morning:

Martin Hutchinson gives investors reasons to look into Europe, which has been battered by a severe financial crisis this year but now may be showing signs of promising growth. Hutchinson gives three primary reasons to invest in Europe; much of their output is specialized, there is a larger public sector than the U.S., and there is a potential for growth that does not exist in the U.S. economy. The article goes on to outline several ETFs to take advantage of the possible growth in European equities.

Ten ETFs Every Advisor Should Know (But Most Have Never Heard Of): Part I at ETF Database:

With the ETF world growing at an exponential rate, it has been difficult to keep up with the 1000+ funds that have hit the market over the years. In this two-part article, we outline ten funds that could serve as building blocks of any client portfolios, but that have largely flown under the radar.

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