11 Best ETFdb Stories Of 2011

by on December 15, 2011

With the year drawing to a close, 2011 has been a record year for the ETF industry. More than 300 new product launches have hit the market, tipping the total ETP to nearly 1,400.  Despite volatile economic conditions and some industry scrutiny arising along the way, the exchange-traded product world has continued to draw investors in with its attractive low costs and beneficial features. With 2012 forecasted to be an active and exciting year, investors are going to be keeping a close eye on the ETF industry and its evident potential. As 2011 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most popular articles published at ETFdb over the last year, to help investors make sense of a busy 2011 [for more ETF insights delivered to your inbox, sign up for our free ETF newsletter]:

11. Back To Basics: 7 ETFs For Long-Term Investors

ETFs allow investors to access key corners of the global financial market with relative ease and cost-efficiency. There are hundreds of exchange-traded products that provide both hyper-targeted as well as broad-based exposure, which can be beneficial to investors with specific time horizons and investment objectives. In this article, we outline 7 ETFs that can help investors implement a long-term strategy, as well as for those who wish to add diversification to their current portfolio.

10. Diamonds In The Rough: Ten Of Our Favorite ETFs With AUM Under $25 Million

With the rapid development of the exchange-traded products industry, there are nearly 1,400 individual products with aggregate assets of well above $1 trillion. Although the ETF industry’s total assets tend to be highly concentrated in only a handful of ETFs, there are several smaller and attractive ETFs that seem to fly under the radar of investors. In this article, we outline 10 of our favorite ETFs with AUM under $25 million.

9. Ten Best ETF Performers Over The Last Five Years (Including A Few Surprises)

Over the last five years, investors have witnessed a tremendous expansion of the ETF industry in the midst of a highly volatile global economic environment. Several exchange-traded funds have successfully been able to weather this storm, delivering better-than-expected returns. In this article, we highlight 10 of the best performing ETFs over the last five years.

8. Inflation ETF Special: 25 ETF Ideas To Fight Rising Prices

Inflation has always been a concerning issue for investors, prompting many to take measures to protect their portfolios from the negative affects of rising prices. Although various safeguards against inflation have been debated over their relative merits, there have been some new ETF innovations that could be useful for those worried about rising prices. In this article, we outline 25 ETF options to help investors fight off inflation for the future of their portfolio.

7. Details Of Dividend ETFs: Consistency vs. Yield

With interest rates in many developed markets remaining at or near historic lows, interest in higher- yielding investments has spiked in recent years. Although there are dozens of ETFs offering dividend-focused strategies, not all strive to maximize dividend yields; some value consistency over higher yields. In this article, we explain the differences in methodologies of Dividend ETFs.

6. Five ETF Picks For Your IRA

After the crash of the markets in 2008, many everyday investors saw their retirement savings virtually wiped out in just a matter of months. With growing concerns over the failing social security system, investors must now look for other ways to plan for their later years. In this article, we outline 5 ETFs that can help bolster retirement portfolios.

5. Inside The 8x Leveraged ETN

Investors have embraced the exchange-traded structure as an efficient means of amplifying exposure and gaining leverage across a multitude of asset-classes. While most investors know the differences between leveraged ETFs and ETNs, few realize that the reset frequency can also vary from product to product; some feature daily resets others reset monthly. In this article, we take a look at some of the leveraged products that never reset exposure, and reveal how this feature can lead to some huge effective return multiples.

4. ETF Dividend Ideas For 2011

As interest rates continue to remain at historic low levels, many investors have opted for a dividend-focused strategy in search for high yields. Dividends have proven to provide stability even when markets stumble, making products such as dividend ETFs a useful tool for investors who wish to boost their gains and/or hedge themselves against inflation. In this article, we outline several ETF dividend ideas for investing in 2011.

3. Alternatives To The 20 Most Popular ETFs

While the depth of the ETF space continues to increase, the industry remains quite top-heavy with the largest and most popular ETFs accounting for the lion’s share of total assets. Although these popular ETF powerhouses are generally cheap and liquid,  there are a number of potentially exciting alternatives that investors can choose from to gain exposure to core asset classes,. In this article, we outline several alternatives to the 20 most popular ETFs.

2. Dividend ETF Special: 25 Equity ETFs With Attractive Distribution Yields

A dividend-focused strategy is a popular option for investors looking to bolster the equity portion of their portfolios. There are dozens of dividend ETFs on the market; investors can chose from ETFs linked to dividend-weighted indexes to those that focus on companies with high distribution histories to simply sector-specific funds with high dividend yields. In this article, we outline 25 equity ETFs with attractive distribution yields.

1. 25 Things Every Financial Advisor Should Know About ETFs

Over the last several decades, the ETF industry has experienced rapid expansion with over 1,300 exchange-traded products that cater to a variety of investment objectives. With this surge in financial innovation, it is important for both investors and financial advisors to educate themselves on the various risk factors and nuances of ETPs. In this article, we outline 25 things that every financial advisor should know about ETFs in order to have a clearer and more well-rounded understanding of the exchange-traded industry.

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