Eric Dutram Talks New Safe Haven Currency ETFs On BNN

by on September 12, 2011 | ETFs Mentioned:

Earlier today, Eric Dutram, Analyst and Head of Editorial at ETF Database, was on BNN discussing ETFs that could be new safe havens in the current market environment. Now that investors can no longer rely on the Swiss franc, many have been scrambling to find new places to stash cash and could take a look at currency ETFs such as those tracking the Chinese yuan, Australian dollar, and Swedish krona instead. In the interview, Eric gave his outlook for the Chinese yuan and why he is bullish going forward, highlighting how high inflation could actually be good for the currency. Additionally, Eric discussed why investors could see benefits from some exposure to Australia and Sweden as well, and why these economies could hold up better than most. 

See the full interview at BNN’s website or see all of the ETFs in the Currency ETFdb Category here.