This Week In ETFs: September 18th Edition

by on September 18, 2011

This past week saw something of a turn around for equities as positive news came from the euro zone. While the Dow and S&P have been posting steady gains, other asset classes have faltered. Gold fell below $1,800 per ounce as the week closed out, before finishing the week at the $1,815 level, marking a pullback in what has been the go-to investment for those seeking a safe haven from turbulent equities. This week also saw a major earnings report from Research In Motion (RIMM) which disappointing investors with poor results yet again. The ETF world saw a nice pickup from recent slow-growth months, as a number of innovative products debuted this week [see also UBS Debuts Solid State Drive ETNs].

Below, we outline three of the best ETF stories from around the web this week:

Vanguard: ETFs Not To Blame For Volatility at IndexUniverse:

To call August a volatile month would certainly be an understatement; the month saw some of the worst (and best) trading days in recent memory, as volume surged through the roof. As market instability set in, ETFs in particular saw a spike in volumes, leading to heavy criticisms. Some put exchange traded products at fault for part of the market turbulence, as ETFs took the brunt of the blow when it came to last year’s “flash crash”. This article, by Cinthia Murphy, makes a case for last month’s market volatility and why ETFs are not the culprit.

Precious Metals Investing: Are Silver Prices Setting Up For Another Major Run? at ETF Daily News:

When it comes to precious metals, gold has been all the rage as of late, with its price shooting well past $1,800 per ounce several weeks ago. A number of investors feel that gold is the last remaining safe haven, especially given the fact that the Swiss franc was recently pegged to the euro. But there is another precious metal that seems to constantly fly under gold’s radar; silver. Silver is a much cheaper, but still very popular, way for investors to add precious metals exposure to their portfolio. This article, by George Maniere, outlines a near-term outlook for silver prices for those wishing to make a play on this commodity.

Country ETFs With Rock Bottom Unemployment Rates at ETF Database:

Unemployment has been a major issue in the U.S. as a number of plans have been outlined in Washington to combat the country’s disturbingly high rate of joblessness. Many feel that unemployment is one of the biggest drags on our economy and that turning around this statistic could help boost equities across the board. Yet, while the U.S. and a number of Western European countries face near record unemployment levels, some nations have done a lot better, keeping their unemployment rates below 5%, even during this difficult time. This article, by Michael Johnston, outlines a number of nations sporting low unemployment rates and the ETFs that track their economies.

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