22 ETF Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

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The ETF corner of the Twitterverse represents the crossroads of perhaps two of the hottest trends of 2007 to 2012. ETFs have burst onto the investing scene as tools for accomplishing a growing range of objectives, while social media has emerged as a tremendously powerful tool for staying up to date on just about everything. For financial advisors and retail investors looking to stay current and further their ETF education, there are a number of great free resources out there.

Below are 22 follow-worthy ETF experts, analysts, and issuers; if you sign up to follow these folks, you’ll have no shortage of entertaining, insightful reading. 

1. ETFTrends (@ETFtrends)

ETFtrends.com was registered as a domain June 19th, 2005 at a time when the ETF industry as a whole had less than $500 billion. The site is the brainchild of Tom Lydon (@tomlydon), a savvy money manager who coordinates the site and his asset management business from the comfy confines of an Irvine California office, a short drive from Laguna Beach.  Tom has carved out a niche within a growth industry by focusing on high quality content, tools and research for his clients and visitors to ETFtrends.com. He recognized that the relatively new and misunderstood ETF industry was set to explode back in 2005 and, over the subsequent years, Tom has focused on being a thought leader in the industry.

More recently, Tom has bolstered his own editorial prowess by adding a full-time editor to his team – John Spence (@etftrendwatcher). Spence has been a stalwart in the industry. As per his bio on ETFtrends.com Spence has writen “about exchange-traded funds, personal finance and financial markets for over a decade. He penned the ETF Investing column at MarketWatch.com (@MarketWatch) for seven years and his work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ), Washington Post (@WashingtonPost), Chicago Tribune (@ChicagoTribune) and several other major newspapers.” Together Tom and John do a great job covering a financial space that has grown to more than $1T AUM, making it not-so-niche anymore.

2. Morningstar (@MorningstarInc)

We admit it, at ETFdb we have a soft spot for Morningstar. As a small company operating out of Chicago just off of N. Clark St. we applaud the vision, dedication, and hard work of their founder Joe Manseuto who initially operated the company from a N. Clark St. shoe-box apartment. Today, Morningstar is a $3B publicly traded behemoth and Manseuto is a soft spoken, sharp-as-a-tack billionaire. As a leader in the mutual fund category via research and data, it was a no-brainer for Morningstar to become a reputable voice in the growing world of ETFs as fund flows shift in that direction.

Scott Burns, who heads up the ETF team at Morningstar, offers broader commentary on the financial markets on his own Twitter handle (@MStarScottBurns), and ETF Analyst John Gabriel (@MStarJohnG) is definitely worth a follow as well.

3. Rick Ferri (@Rick_Ferri)

Rick literally wrote the book on ETFs, titled “The ETF Book.” Rick has built his reputation on a simple investment philosophy – achieve a market rate of return at the lowest possible cost. Rick believes that this approach will give investors the highest probability of meeting their long-term goals and creating wealth for themselves and their family. Given the explosion of ETFs as a low-cost, market-indexing vehicle, it is only natural that the financial innovation ETFs provide syncs so well with Rick’s philosophical underpinnings. With more than 6,000 followers as of July 2014 and growing, Rick has a loud voice in a small room.

4. Mebane Faber (@MebFaber)

As the CIO of Cambria Investment Management, Meb Faber casts a wider net than exclusively ETFs; however, he is super sharp in all things investing, ETFs included. With more than 11,000 twitter followers as of July 2014, Mebane is well read, often pushing people to his valuable work on MebaneFaber.com by using 140 characters or less as bait. When his followers click through to his site they are seldom disappointed, getting Meb’s take on risk parity, hedge fund performance, or historical analysis of bear markets.

5. Index Universe (@IndexUniverse)

Another heavy hitter in the ETF world, IU is great about releasing up to date information on the ETF world. Their tweets often include information on newly launching ETFs as well as general commentary on the industry. IU is home to authors like Matt Hougan (@Matt_Hougan), Dave Nadig (@DaveNadig), Olivier Ludwig, and a number of others. Following IU will offer you immediate access to a team of ETF experts who scavenge through the details of the ETF world to provide some of the most relevant and up to date information.

6. Ari Weinberg (@ariweinberg)

Ari Weinberg is a well-known financial columnist reporting on relevant economic news as well as developments in the ETF industry. His track record is certainly impressive, having worked with The Wall Street Journal, Forbes (@Forbes), and Smart Money (@SmartMoney). This ETF-savvy expert holds degrees from Princeton University as well as Harvard Business School, and his daily tweets are a great way to stay on top of noteworthy industry developments. His personal blog, ETFolution, is another great source of insightful ETF commentary.

7. Gary Gordon (@ETFexpert)

Gary Gordon is the president of Pacific Park Financial and has more than 22 years of experience as a personal coach in money matters. He also has a background in teaching financial concepts in areas like Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. Mr. Gordon’s twitter feed is chock-full of important ETF commentary that typically stems from his writings, which come on a daily basis. Gary has nearly 3,000 followers as of July 2014 to whom he provides daily tweets and insights into the vast ETF universe.

8. Jessica Toonkel (@jtoonkel)

Jessica Toonkel is a highly regarded financial reporter at Thomson Reuters (@ThomsonReuters), covering everything from wealth management to ETFs. Her experience as the managing editor at Institutional Investor, a leading publication for financial advisors, gives her an insightful perspective on the ever-expanding ETF industry, and her tweets are a great way to stay up-to-date on relevant financial news. Jessica always seems to be the first to break ETF-related stories, so keeping tabs on her work is a great way to stay up to date.

9. Christian Magoon (@ChristianMagoon)

Christian Magoon is the CEO of Magoon Capital and a very knowledgeable source on all things ETF. In fact, he was dubbed the “ETF Pioneer” by Financial Planning in October 2011. His areas of focus include India and gold ETFs, and his articles can be seen on a number of different sources, but following his Twitter is the best way to keep up with his work and all of the info he has to offer.

10. ETF Professor (@ETFProfessor1)

Benzinga’s ETF Professor is one of the more active Twitter users, allowing followers consistent access to a wide variety of ETF news and information. Aside from Benzinga specific works, the ETF Professor has a knack for finding quality ETF articles and sharing them with followers. Best of all, the Professor is very responsive to followers and others on the social media landscape. If you’re too busy or simply don’t feel like scouring the internet for the best ETF news, ETF Professor is your best bet for staying up to date with the exchange-traded industry.

11. Erik Swarts (@MktAnthropology)

As an independent active trader, Erik Swarts offers daily updates on financial markets on his blog Market Anthropology, often covering trading opportunities in ETFs. Swarts is a seasoned technical analyst and his work has appeared across some of the most popular financial news mediums, including Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Minyanville (@Minyanville), and theStreet.com (@TheStreet_lite).


PIMCO needs no introduction; the California-based bond fund giant is home to some of the brightest minds and most successful money managers. ETFs are relatively new to PIMCO, but the company has wasted no time in building out its platform; the recently-launched Total Return ETF (BOND) is on pace to crack the $1 billion AUM mark in no time.

PIMCO’s Twitter feed doesn’t focus only on ETFs; instead, it casts a wider net by sharing economic analysis and predictions, along with the wisdom of fixed income guru Bill Gross.

13. Ron Rowland (@RonRowland)

Ron Rowland has been providing market commentary for over 10 years; this extensive experience makes him one of the most trusted sources for ETF news. His articles are very straightforward and often make an appearance in our “This Week In ETFs” article, where we choose the best stories from around the web on a weekly basis. One of his staple pieces is the “ETF Deathwatch”, a regularly-updated article that includes all ETFs that are in danger of closing.

14. Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz)

Barry Ritholtz is a renowned journalist, author, and one of the few strategies who saw the most recent housing market crisis coming far in advance. Ritholtz makes frequent appearances on CNBC (@CNBC), Bloomberg (@BloombergNow), and Fox (@FoxNews), in addition to writing for his blog The Big Picture, commenting on economic data and financial markets, as well as ETFs. His observations are unique as they are rooted in quantitative data analysis and behavioral economics, offering investors a fresh look at financial markets.

15. Dave Fry (@etfdigest)

Dave Fry does a little bit of everything; he’s the author of Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund, founder of ETFDigest.com, and has more than 40 years of experience as a trader and portfolio manager. Dave’s deep knowledge of the ETFs industry allows him to construct portfolios for both individual investors and financial professionals. He was an early adopter of ETFs, and continues to deliver high quality analysis and commentary through the ETFDigest Twitter feed.

16. Tim Knight (@SlopeOfHope)

Tim Knight is very well regarded in the trading community and is perhaps best known for his expertise in the field of technical analysis. His daily blog posts include insightful analysis and commentary about macro-economic trends as well as developments on Wall Street, often covering ETF trading ideas as well. Tim Knight is an active trader,  full-time money manager, and author of Chart Your Way To Profits and High Probability Trade Set-Ups, making him a seasoned veteran in the financial field.

17. iShares (@iSharesETFs)

iShares is not only very active in expanding its ETF lineup, its also focused on putting together high quality thought leadership pieces through iSharesblog.com. Recent posts there have included a video on the nuances of index IPO inclusion (“Will Facebook Be In My ETF?”) and different ways to play economic trends through bond ETFs. For a fresh supply of actionable ideas and in-depth research pieces, iShares is a great follow.

18. AdvisorShares (@AdvisorShares)

AdvisorShares, the Maryland-based firm behind many of the actively-managed ETFs that have come to market from 2009 to 2012, offers commentary on active ETFs market trends, and interesting developments that might have otherwise flown under our radar. AdvisorShares also makes it to a number of interesting investing-focused conferences, and shares the most interesting insights from the sessions with its Twitter followers.

19. ETF Trigger (@ETFTrigger)

For the more active trading crowd, ETFTrigger provides news and technical analysis throughout the day along with actionable trading ideas. With more than 14,500 followers as of July 2014, ETFTrigger has drawn quite a following among those looking to make relatively short-term plays in the ETF market. This account is also a good source for interesting news from the financial markets.

20. Roger Nusbaum (@RandomRoger)

Roger Nusbaum, known to many on the web as Random Roger, is a money manager at YourSource Financial, avid blogger, and (perhaps most impressively) an Arizona firefighter. Roger knows the ins and outs of ETFs, having used exchange-traded products as a money manager for years and blogged extensively about them. Roger recently announced a partnership with AdvisorShares; he’s slated to be the portfolio manager of a proposed active ETF (RRGR) that will take a top-down perspective on global asset allocation.

As the handle suggests, Roger can be a bit random with his postings–but always interesting and entertaining.

21. Vanguard Advisors (@Vanguard_FA)

Vanguard is one of the leaders in the ETF industry, and this feed designed for financial advisors is a good source of ETF research and analysis, commentary on current market conditions and ideas for client portfolios.

22. ETFDailyNews (@ETFDailyNews)

For regular updates from around the ETF industry, ETF Daily News is a great resource. This site aggregates content from a number of different bloggers, traders, and commentators, and pumps out a steady stream of ETF content each and every day. It’s also a great source for updates on new ETF launches and filings.

Did we miss someone you rely on for ETF news on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @ETFdb.

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