King Dollar ETFdb Portfolio Now Available

by on March 18, 2012

The King Dollar ETFdb Portfolio  is now available to ETFdb Pro members with a free 7-day trial of the Pro subscription. This new portfolio, one of more than 40 all-ETF model portfolios available at, is designed for investors looking to construct a U.S dollar-centric portfolio that is well diversified across both domestic and foreign equities and bonds. The investment thesis behind this portfolio may appeal to those who believe the U.S. dollar will appreciate in the coming years.

Many investors agree that one the drawbacks of achieving geographic diversification in a portfolio is the impact foreign currency fluctuations can have on bottom line returns. This ETFdb portfolio is designed to address this problem by offering investors a way to gain both domestic and international exposure, while at the same time protecting themselves from volatile exchange rate fluctuations. This investment strategy may appeal to those investors who are bullish on the U.S. dollar and wish to position themselves favorably for an appreciation in the currency.

The distinguishing feature of the King Dollar ETFdb Portfolio is that it achieves well-rounded exposure across all of the major asset classes without any international currency exposure. To achieve this objective, our portfolio focuses on U.S. dollar-denominated and dollar-hedged products that will help offset currency risk exposure. Our portfolio maintains a well-balanced mix between equities, bonds, and currency exposure, resulting in a unique risk/reward profile that allows investors to realize the diversification and return enhancement benefits associated with a U.S. dollar-centric strategy over the long haul.

The complete King Dollar ETFdb Portfolio is available to ETFdb Pro members or with a free 7-day trial to ETFdb Pro. Also check out our new Baby Boomers ETFdb Portfolio, as well as our Greedy When Others Are Fearful ETFdb Portfolio.

Also included with the ETFdb Pro subscription are more than 40 all-ETF model portfolios, including both retirement-focused and more tactical themed strategies. [To see all that is included, a free sample of the Emerging & Frontier Markets ETFdb Portfolio  is available to all ETFdb readers]

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