Podcast: Emerging Markets, ETFs, And Dividends

by on March 2, 2012

The WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund (DEM) is positioned at the crossing of three of the most compelling trends in the investment industry over the past several years. As the developing economies of the world have established themselves as the clear drivers of global GDP growth, interest in emerging markets has surged–as have allocations to this asset class in the portfolios of U.S.-based investors. Dividend-paying stocks have also been in the spotlight recently, with investors embracing these securities as a way to simultaneously boost current income and lower overall volatility. 

And, of course, ETFs have continued to gain ground on traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds, appealing to all types of investors as a more efficient tool for accomplishing a wide range of potential objectives.  

In a new podcast, Jeremy Schwartz of WisdomTree and Michael Johnston of ETF Database cover all three of these topics in a wide-ranging discussion. The podcast touches on the case for dividend-paying stocks, the characteristics that make allocations to emerging markets so important, and an explanation of why the exchange-traded structure has become the vehicle of choice for a growing number of investors. 

The free podcast is available on WisdomTree.com

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