ProShares, iShares Fill ETF Pipeline

by on March 9, 2012

Resurfacing fears surrounding the Greek bailout tipped markets south early in the week, although an optimistic outlook for Friday’s U.S. unemployment report has helped to ease uncertainties. Nevertheless, tumultuous trading throughout the week hasn’t been able to slow down activity on the product development front. Industry giants ProShares and iShares have laid out plans to launch a slew of products targeting everything from leveraged financials  to sovereign bonds.

iShares is planning to launch two fixed income ETFs along with an intriguing product that could appeal to socially responsible investors:

  •  iShares Sovereign Screened Global Bond Fund: This ETF will seek to generate current income while striving to mitigate downside risk by investing principally in global debt obligations [see SEC Filing]. Underlying holdings will consists of bonds denominated in local currencies and the U.S. dollar, issued by government in developed as well as emerging market countries. The fund will utilize a model-based proprietary investment process to select securities and assign allocations [see Bond ETFs For Every Objective].
  • iShares Ultrashort Bond Fund: This ETF will seek to maximize current income by investing in a diversified portfolio of U.S. dollar-denominated investment grade fixed income securities. Underlying holdings will consist of fixed and floating rate securities with varying maturities, including corporate, government, and  agency bonds as well as money market instruments in additional to a number of other debt securities [see SEC Filing].
  • iShares Human Rights Index Fund: This ETF will seek to replicate the price and yield performance of the Human Rights Custom Index. The underlying index will exclude companies that have economic associations with countries or regimes that are implicated in certain serious human rights violations [see SEC Filing]. Holdings will include consumer staples, financial, and informational technology companies [see Socially Responsible ETFdb Portfolio].

ProShares is planning to bring to market two bull-bear pairs of 3x leveraged equity funds [see The Ultimate Guide To Leveraged ETFs]:

  • ProShares UltraPro Financials ETF: This ETF will provide leveraged exposure to the Dow Jones U.S. Financials Index, which includes everything from regional banks and insurance companies to securities brokers and credit card issuers. There will also be an inverse version of this ETF available.
  • ProShares UltraPro Oil & Gas ETF: This ETF will provide leveraged exposure to the Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index, which tracks companies involved in exploration, production, services & equipment, as well as alternative fuel producers [see Energy Bull ETFdb portfolio] . There will also be an inverse version of this ETF available.

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