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by on December 27, 2013

Wall Street was in for yet another whirlwind year in 2013, with several major U.S. equity indexes breaking new all-time record highs. Bullish momentum continued to a be a dominant force despite several headwinds, including Washington’s budget battles, taper talks, and mixed economic data from around the globe. On the ETF front, however, the industry wrapped up yet another year of impressive product development and innovation with more than 140 exchange-traded products making their debut [see Complete List Of New 2013 ETFs].

And as the new year quickly approaches, we take a step back to look at the top stories featured here on As always, we would like to thank our readers for their continued support and look forward to providing even more tools and resources for ETF investors in 2014:

The Complete History Of The S&P 500 IndexBullish Equities

The S&P 500 Index is easily one of the most recognizable stock market benchmarks in the world of finance. Standard & Poor’s debuted its first equity index in 1923, although the S&P 500 as we know it today didn’t hit the street until 1957. In this piece, we take an in-depth look at the complete history of the S&P 500 by the numbers.

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The Cheapest ETF for Every Investment Objectivecash

ETF expenses have been one of the biggest draws for many investors, as a number of funds compete to offer investors the lowest fees around. As such, there is something of a cost-cutting culture when it comes to ETF investing, as there is often a cheaper alternative for whatever investment objective you may have. Here we showcase the cheapest ETFs for some of the most popular investment objectives.

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The Fed Effect: How Monetary Policy Impacts Your ETFsFed Minutes

Since the unprecedented financial crisis of 2008, there is perhaps no bigger market mover than the Federal Reserve. Whether it be a monetary policy change, an FOMC minutes release, a press conference, or even a “hint” from a Federal Reserve official, investors have kept a close eye on these events, clinging to every one of the central bank’s every word. To see just how much the Federal Reserve impacts the markets, we take a look at the daily price changes of some of the biggest and most popular ETFs on the market, highlighting the market’s reaction on the days the central bank made headlines.

Want A Simple, 3-ETF Portfolio? Here Are 25 of Themphotodune-535754-analyzing-data-on-computer-xs

Institutional and self-directed money managers alike have taken advantage of ETFs, as they offer instant diversification along with the ability to easily tap into virtually any asset class around the globe. Because of the sheer diversity among products in the ETF universe, investors can now effectively build fairly complete portfolios with just a few funds. In the spirit of simplicity, we outline 25 All-ETF portfolios, each comprised of just three funds in total.

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Visual History Of The Dow Rebalances (DIA)Bluechip

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was founded on May 26, 1896 and since then has seen a wide variety of firms included in its holding, with the early 20th century dominated by industrial firms while the late 1990s were very representative of the internet bubble. In this interactive piece, we show the history of the composition of the DJIA, from its inception through the most recent rebalance in 2012.

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The ETF Performance Visualizer

Exchange traded funds burst onto the scene in 1993, forever changing the world of investing. With so many funds now available, it can be difficult to take a look at the ETF industry as a whole. This tool takes a step back and presents the annual performance of each ETF  by year.

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Single Country ETFs: Everything Investors Need to KnowFlag

iShares’ MSCI single-country ETFs are some of the largest and most popular options for those looking to fine-tune exposure to a particular corner of the world. These products offer investors a way to efficiently tap into the local economies of international markets of all shapes and sizes. In this interactive piece, we highlight the historical performances, valuation metrics, and fundamentals across the iShares’ lineup of MSCI single-country ETFs; we also take a closer look into the economies of the underlying countries.

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The Top 30 Google Plus Pages ETF Investors Must FollowResources

While some investors are still understandably leery of using social media to make investment decisions, a number of companies and individuals have given this medium great credibility as a reliable source of financial news and analysis. Here we highlight one of these social media sites, picking out the top Google+ pages every ETF investor should follow.

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