ETF Filings: Three Issuers Fill The Pipeline

by on July 26, 2013

With earnings season in full force, investors have turned their attention towards the generally strong reports coming in from U.S. firms. As they search for signs that the economic is in full effect in the U.S., ETF issuers are offering their own form of proof with a number filing this week to bring funds to market while the economy is high  [for more ETF analysis, make sure to sign up for our free ETF newsletter].

Wall street

Last fall, LocalShares announced plans to create a Nashville ETF, and while many in the industry assumed the fund would never come together, the issuer has updated its regulatory paperwork and could launch soon [see The Complete History of the SPY]:

  • The Nashvile Area ETF: Focusing exclusively on LocalShares’ home town, this ETF will only invest in companies based in or around the city. Trading under the ticker “NASH,” this ETF will charge 49 basis points and will have to beat the Wall Street stigma against past local ETFs.

Seasoned veteran to the ETF industry, Deutsche Bank’s U.S. office sent paperwork to the SEC late last week, seeking permission to offer long/short and index creation rights for these funds. An undisclosed number of ETFs would be in the works following this strategy approval, allowing Deutsche Bank entry to an increasingly popular style of investing [see 7 Articles ETF Investors Must Read: 7/25].

The firm behind the growing FactorShares ETFs, Gencap, has approached the SEC this week searching for approval to offer active funds. One of the first funds the company is hoping to launch under the active banner is a Mongolia equity ETF that the company has been working on for a while.

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