Energy Equities ETF Cheat Sheet

by on May 14, 2014

Energy equities have long been investor favorites, for both buy-and-hold strategies as well as tactical allocations. This corner of the market is one of the fastest-moving sectors in the world, and with the rapid development of technology and new sources of energy, this segment will likely remain one of the most popular investing spaces for decades [see 10 of the Best ETF Trades of All Time].

The Energy Equities ETFdb Category consists of nearly 30 exchange-traded products, including domestic and international funds, as well as products targeting narrow segments of this market such as exploration and production, natural gas, and coal.

Below, we’ve created a handy tool to help investors sift through the energy equities space. Click on the buttons to see which ETFs are the cheapest, most liquid, which performed best in 2013, as well as which funds offer more hyper-targeted exposure.

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Small Cap Energy Equities ETFs

*Listed by Assets Under Management

Coal Energy Equities ETFs

Natural Gas Energy Equities ETFs

*Listed by Assets Under Management

*Listed by Assets Under Management

Oil Sands Energy Equities ETFs

Unconventional OIl & Natural Gas ETFs