ETF Scorecard – November 14th Edition

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The bulls are still pushing major equity indexes further into previously uncharted territory, but the pace of the advance has slowed down considerably in light of the stellar run-up seen since the October 15th bottom. Overseas, investors remain dissatisfied with the sluggish recovery in Europe while major data releases on the home front have been sparse; as such, in light of the quiet trading week, many have been waiting for Friday’s retail sales numbers, which are expected to show positive momentum from last month [see also Van Eck Launches China Bond ETF; PureFunds Debuts Cyber Security ETF; ETC Rolls Out EM Internet Fund]. 

To help investors keep up with markets, we present our ETF Scorecard, which takes a step back and looks at how various asset classes across the globe are performing. For most of the return comparisons below, we reference trailing 1-week and trailing 1-month returns; this offers a good insight into the prevailing sentiment in the markets by capturing the performances across short-term and longer-term time intervals [for more ETF news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

Risk Appetite Review

There were no clear takeaways as to how risk appetites evolved from the prior week aside from the fact that the bulls remain in the driver’s seat as evidenced by positive returns across the board: 

Major Index Review

The Nasdaq-100 turned in the best performance for the week and is also the strongest performer from a monthly perspective: 

Domestic Sector Review

The Energy and Utilities sectors were the worst performers in red, while the rest of the pack managed to end the week in green territory: 


Foreign Equity Review

On the international front, Brazil posted the biggest losses for the week and it remains the biggest laggard from a monthly perspective as well:

Regional Valuations

Regional P/Es increased across the board with the exception of Emerging Europe, which was unchanged:

Alternatives Review


Agricultural and precious metals price rebounded on the week as the U.S. dollar pulled back: 


On the currency front, the British pound was the worst performer over the past week although the Japanese yen remains the weakest currency by far from a monthly perspective: 


*All data as of market close 11/13/2014.

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