The Signal: 5 Must-Reads For Financial Advisors – Jan. 17 Edition

by on January 17, 2014

Now that your 2014 new year’s resolutions have been made–and broken–it’s time to get on with it. Focus on building your network; arm yourself with technology; and get those patents registered.

Successful Networking Takes a Village

There are 150 contacts that can make or break your business. The goal of any networking you do, whether online or offline, is to find those 150 individuals and nurture the hell out of them.

Defeating the Robo-Advisors

The Robo-Advisors are coming – and you’re going to need more than just a pulse to defeat them.

Why Women Don’t Take Risks with Their Money

It isn’t because of all the stereotypes you want to believe or that they’re biologically risk-averse. It’s because women earn less than men.

“Markets are going to continue to give gold the finger”

Bay Street economists “give the finger” to gold and share their other market predictions 2014.

5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Finance

Social is changing how we all make decisions about everything, so why should financial advice be any different?

This Scientist Has Three Patents Pending. He’s Also 12.

Peaking early in life comes with its own challenges.


Jay Palter is a social business strategist and marketing expert specializing in building social networks for financial professionals and wealth management firms. For more information, visit or follow @jaypalter on Twitter.