The Signal: 5 Must-Reads For Financial Advisors – Jan. 31 Edition

by on January 31, 2014

This week: Positioning yourself and your practice is increasingly important with the rise of social and digital technologies. Plus, beware of the Jekyll and Hyde investor and pay attention to why Bitcoin matters.

Positioning as a Bonafide Marketing Strategy

Increasingly, marketing is about attracting an audience, and it leads to your online presence. Effective positioning is critical in order to provide new prospects with the social proof they need to feel comfortable doing business with you.

Refining Your Financial Marketing Strategy to Battle the Robo-Advisors

The robo-advisors are coming. Your best defense is a good offense. Focus on being human – the one thing you can do better than any automated investing service.

The Schizophrenic Investor

Investors are of two minds: one is extremely conservative and the other highly speculative. The problem is, we’re never sure which one we’re talking to.

On the Matter of Why Bitcoin Matters

This insightful piece by Glenn Fleishman is a response to Marc Andreessen’s “Why Bitcoin Matters.” If you manage money, you need to understand the rise of cryptocurrency.

Confessions of a Money Addict

Sam Polk on the side effects of snorting money.


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