ETF Database on Your Android Device

Published on by on July 8, 2011 | Updated September 19, 2011

ETF Database is now available for you Android Device!

The free app includes detailed descriptive information on more than 1,300 U.S.-listed exchange-traded products, allowing financial advisors and individual investors to quickly filter the ETF universe to identify funds that meet their investment objective. The free ETFdb app includes both a robust ETF screener and a live feed of all original content posted on ETFdb, one of the leading authorities on exchange-traded products.

ETF Screener

The ETFdb app includes six options for filtering ETFs, including:

  • ETFdb Category
  • Issuer
  • Bond Type
  • Commodity Type
  • Sector
  • Region

The app displays information for all ETFs that meet search criteria including ticker, expense ratio, and issuer, as well as a link to complete performance and holdings data. Articles

The ETFdb app also includes access to all original content published on, including actionable investment ideas, educational content, and news on the latest product launches. Stay up-to-date on all new ETFs hitting the market, and enjoy the quality content on your mobile device.

Best of all: the ETF Database Droid app is 100% free! Download the ETF Database for Droid: click here.

For investors with an iPhone or iPad, the ETF Database app is also available for iOS devices.