25 Bookmarkable Investing Cheat Sheets

by on June 25, 2009 | Updated May 20, 2014

We all need a little help sometimes — especially when it comes to investing. Luckily, there are lots of places online that can give you a little help when it comes to investing. Here are 25 places you can look to find investing rules of thumb, helpful hints and education.

Stocks and Bonds

  1. Sentiment indicators from Stock Trading to Go: Every investor should understand how sentiment can affect the markets. 5 stock market indicators that you should know how to use to improve your investment performance.stock-trading-to-go
  2. Investing in TIPS from U.S. News and World Report: If you are interested in investing in TIPS, you can make use of these five…tips. us-news
  3. Municipal bonds from The Bull Hunters Guide: Learn about these popular bonds. Make money by investing in state and local governments. bull-hunters
  4. Corporate bond ETFs from Investopedia: An information look at corporate bonds, and how to invest in them via ETFs. investopedia

Currencies and Commodities

  1. Information on the forex market from Happiness is Better: Learn the basics of currency trading. You can even follow Dustin’s adventures in further posts.happiness-is-better
  2. Regular v. mini forex trading accounts from GFT Forex: When you trade currencies, it is helpful to start with a mini forex account. Here is a basic look at the differences.
  3. Commodities trading from Personal Dividends: A helpful little primer on how investing in commodities works.personal-dividends
  4. Investing in gold with ETFs from Seeking Alpha: Gold is a rather popular investment. You don’t have to buy the physical gold, though, to invest in it. You can use ETFs to invest in gold.seeking-alpha
  5. 4 ways to play crude oil from Jutia Group: With oil prices rising again, it is no surprise that there is some interest in making money off oil investments. Here are some ways you can play the rise in crude oil.jutia-group

Mutual Funds and ETFs

  1. Understanding a fund’s prospectus from Talk Stock Trading: If you invest in mutual funds, understanding the prospectus is a must. Learn what you might be getting into with these helpful hints aimed at helping you understand mutual funds.talk-stock-trading
  2. Mutual fund fees from Generation X Finance: An excellent primer on mutual fund fees, share classes and expense ratios. Understanding mutual funds is a must if you are going to invest in them. genx
  3. Build an all-ETF portfolio from ETFdb: It is possible to build the investment portfolio that is right for you with this handy guide from ETFdb. etfdb2

Retirement and Real Estate

  1. Creating a “Super IRA” from Good Financial Cents: You can increase the effectiveness of your retirement investments with some help from the “Super IRA.” good-financial-cents
  2. 401k or IRA from Cash Money Life: A helpful look at funding priorities when it comes to your retirement accounts. cash-money-life
  3. Real estate investing from Ask Men: Learn some basic rules for real estate investing. If you can swing it, the low prices and low mortgage rates can make real estate investing a profitable decision. ask-men
  4. REITs from How Stuff Works: You don’t have to buy physical real estate to invest in real estate. Learn about Real Estate Investment Trusts, and how you can make money off of them.

Asset Allocation

  1. Analyzing your portfolio from ETF Guide: Learn how to properly analyze your investment portfolio in order to make sure you are getting the best possible return for your situation.
  2. When to adjust asset allocation from The Oblivious Investor: How your investment portfolio is set up can mean the difference between poor returns and good returns — and returns that work for you at a specific point in your life. Understanding different methods of asset allocation, and when to employ them, can be very beneficial.oblivious-investor
  3. Rebalancing as the market appreciates from Free Money Finance: As the market situation changes, you may need to rebalance your investment portfolio. Here are some suggestions on how to do it as the market starts to appreciate.fmf
  4. Relatively safe investments from Yielding Wealth: There is no such thing as a truly safe investment. However, if you are more interested in capital preservation than in huge yields, here are some less risky choices.yielding-wealth
  5. Repayment rates on Lending Club from Five Cent Nickel: Person-to-person lending is becoming increasing popular. If you are interested in making money through P2P lending, this is a helpful look at making the most of possible returns.five-cent-nickel

Investment Advice

  1. 10 investing rules of thumb from ETFdb: Helpful rules that can help you become a better investor, possibly enhancing your returns.etfdb
  2. Investing advice for college grads from Bargaineering: Just out of college? Here’s some great investing advice. And it even works for those of us who have been out of college.
  3. Warren Buffett quotes from Bankling: Some great quotes, including quotes on investing, from Warren Buffett. You could do much worse than take advice from the Oracle of Omaha.
  4. Joining an investment club from ABC News: A great article on investment clubs — and how you can start your own. abc-news