The Top Finance Tweets of 2014

by on December 31, 2014

So much has happened this year on Wall Street. From news of Bill Gross’s PIMCO departure to the official end of QE, investors have certainly had their fair share of headlines to digest. But perhaps the most insightful and entertaining news (and advice) came via social media this year. Below, we highlight 2014′s top financial tweets.

1. Goldman Sachs’ Response to @GSElevator Losing its Book Deal

2. Some Practical Trading Advice

3. Arresting Bears on Wall Street … Literally

4. Icahn Eyes Facebook

5. A New Bubble – Bitcoin

6. Another Bitcoin Jab

7. Deutsche Bank and Derivatives

8. Oh the Irony

9. For the Finance Geeks

10. Reminding Us of a Famous Buffett Quote…

11. For the Perma-bears

12. A New Ponzi Scheme?

13. The Best Google Autocomplete

14. The Official End of QE

15. Bill Gross Making Headlines

16. On Gross’s Departure from PIMCO

17. A New Investing Mantra

18. Analysts Are Bad at Making Estimates

19. #EconomicsInThreeWords

20. Are CEOs Paid Too Much?

21. The Story in (Outside) Russia

22. Calling All Fortune Tellers

23. A Question from Mom

24. Insight on U.S. GDP

25. El-Erian on Fundamentals

26. The Real Picture of Income

27. PIMCO Struggles

28. Financial Advice from a Computer

29. If Only You Invested 30 Years Ago

30. A Pitch for a New Reality Show

31. Ranking the Top Investors

32. Trending: The Yellen Uncertainty Count

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