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Activity on the product development front is firing on all cylinders for Guggenheim today; the industry veteran is launching three fixed income funds to add to its growing lineup of target date bond offerings. The new ETFs, which begin trading on the NYSE Arca this morning, will offer investors a creative way to tap into the high yield corner of the fixed income market by focusing on securities with a given maturity date [see also Better-Than-AGG Total Bond Market ETFdb Portfolio]. The new ETFs are:

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State Street Adds Short Term Junk Bond ETF

by on March 17, 2012 | Updated March 19, 2012

State Street has made another addition to its fixed income ETF lineup, recently rolling out the SPDR Barclays Capital Short Term HighYield Bond ETF (SJNK). The new fund will target junk bonds that have less than five years remaining to maturity, thereby delivering a unique combination of low interest rate risk with significant credit risk. The new ETF is linked to a Barclays index comprised of about 350 bonds rated below investment grade. According to the SJNK fact sheet, the underlying index has an average maturity of about 3.3 years and a weighted average coupon of about 8.4%. The yield to worst on the index is just under 7% [see Fixed Income ETF Center].  [click to continue…]

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Bond ETFs For Every Objective

by on February 1, 2012 | Updated February 5, 2012

As the lineup of exchange-traded products has expanded dramatically in recent years, financial advisors have found themselves with more tools at their disposal than ever before. The extreme granularity of many of the equity products out there allows for cheap, low maintenance targeting of specific corners of the investable universe, while the development of some […]


2011: A Year Of ETF Firsts

by on December 6, 2011

2011 has been arguably one the busiest ever for the ETF industry, as we are on pace to break through 300 new launches for the year. As we rapidly approach 1,400 total funds in the space, it can be a daunting task to try and keep up with the tidal wave of new products that […]

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After a quiet stretch during the second half of December, January continued the wave of product innovation that has become common in the ETF industry. Various issuers introduced first-to-market products and continued the impressive expansion of the exchange-traded product pipeline. The month saw steady releases from various issuers to add to the 1,100+ exchange traded […]

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Guggenheim, the Chicagoland-based ETF issuer known for its unique sector and international funds, continued the expansion of its fixed income lineup this week with the introduction of four more BulletShares ETFs. The new products will be the first target maturity date ETFs to offer exposure to junk bonds, providing investors with more precise instruments that […]

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