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Over the last several years, investors have witnessed central banks from around the world take unprecedented measures to recover from catastrophic financial crises. From the Fed’s prolific “quantitative easing” strategies to the Bank of Japan’s massive asset purchase program, the world’s most influential governments continue to stress easy money policies in an effort to lower yields and spur economic activity. And while the success of these programs is still under scrutiny, one thing for certain is that investors’ hunt for yield in the government bond market has become increasingly difficult [see Single Country ETFs: Everything Investors Need To Know]. [click to continue…]

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The bulls jumped right back into the swing of things yesterday following Wednesday’s flat session, despite a few mixed economic data releases on the day. Both weekly jobless claims and pending home sales just barely missed analysts’ expectations; however, major equity indexes continued their march higher without much hesitation on speculation that the Fed would feel more compelled to maintain stimulus [see also The Cheapest ETF For Every Investment Objective].

Our ETF to watch for today is the PIMCO Canada Bond Index Fund (CAD, B), which could receive a much needed fundamental catalyst to bolster its rebound after investors digest the latest Canada GDP report. Analysts are expecting for Canada’s economic growth rate to come in at 1.5%, which would mark a slight deterioration from the previous reading of 1.7%.

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European Tensions On The Horizon

by on March 25, 2013

U.S. equity markets kicked off the week with a whimper as Cyprus bailout woes over the weekend rightfully took a bite out of investors’ confidence. The exact terms of Cypriot bailout remain hazy, however, one thing for certain is that it may set a dangerous precedent for the next bailout(s) in the European currency bloc as policymakers […]

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Stocks Brace For Rate Decisions

by on March 4, 2013

Last week gave the bulls a scare as profit taking pressures swiftly knocked down major indexes at the start of the week, however, buyers poured in and helped the market regain its footing by the closing bell on Friday. After failing to post fresh highs last week and enduring volatile trading, U.S. equity indexes could face stiff […]

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Bulls On Parade

by on February 19, 2013 | Updated February 22, 2013

Investors returned to Wall Street in a buying mood Tuesday morning following the long weekend in observance of President’s Day. European markets kicked off the week on a sour note after elections in Italy sent waves of worry across the currency bloc, however, this wasn’t enough to spook the bulls from returning to the home […]

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The Ascent Continues

by on January 22, 2013 | Updated January 23, 2013

Bearish sentiment has been all talk since the start of the new year as made evident by the ongoing bullish price action seen across equity markets. While many were expecting for corporate earnings to serve as a nasty reminder of the slow recovery at hand, quite the opposite has proved true thus far as financial bellwethers have […]

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Bulls Win Again

by on January 19, 2013

Much to the bears’ surprise this week, equity markets pulled off another green streak as euphoria levels remained strong. The bulls had few reasons to take profits as markets digested several upbeat earnings reports from big-name financials along with much better-than-expected weekly employment and housing starts data. Amid the improving outlook, the S&P 500 Index […]

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Bearish Pressures Mounting

by on January 14, 2013 | Updated January 18, 2013

As the bull parade continues on Wall Street, bearish pressures are mounting right around the corner with major equity indexes sitting on hefty gains since the new year began. After muted activity last week, economic data releases return to the home front this week alongside more earnings results from industry bellwethers, including Goldman Sachs, Ebay, and General […]

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Mining Boom ETFdb Portfolio Now Available

by on October 22, 2012

The Mining Boom ETFdb Portfolio is now available to ETFdb Pro members with a free 7-day trial of the Pro subscription. This new portfolio, one of more than 50 all-ETF model portfolios available at, is designed for investors who wish to overweight exposure to the mining industry through the equity and bond markets, excluding any investments in physical metals. This investment strategy […]

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When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, many investors often overlook the dynamic economy of our Northern neighbor. Canada is home to one of the most commodity-intensive developed economies in the world, and its large natural gas and oil reserves make it one of the few net exporters of energy outside of South America or the […]

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The Euro zone debt crisis has been at the forefront since late 2009 when it became apparent that Greece was struggling to curb its towering deficit. Greece unsuccessfully implemented several austerity meassures aimed at restoring financial stability, ultimately succumbing to a bailout package in early May of 2010. History has repeated itself since then seeing as […]

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ProShares announced the launch this week of its German Sovereign/Sub-Sovereign ETF (GGOV), which will offer U.S. investors exposure to one of the world’s largest bond markets. The new ETF is linked to the Markit iBoxx EUR Germany Sovereign & Sub-Sovereign Liquid Index, a benchmark that consists of debt issued by the German government or by local governments […]

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