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Uncertainty clouded Wall Street once again today, as concerns over Spain and lackluster reports on U.S. wage gains and manufacturing had markets sputtering to the finish. As has been the trend in recent weeks, all eyes remained on Spain today after speculations over whether or not Moody’s Investors Service will downgrade the Spanish government debt to “junk” status. Weighing heavily on Spain’s potential downgrade was today’s stress test for Spain’s banks, which showed that the financial system’s capital shortfall is roughly 60 billion euros in a stressed scenario.  Meanwhile, Chicago-area business activity came in significantly lower than expected, posting its first contraction in three years [see Free Report: Seven Simple & Cheap All-ETF Model Portfolios].  [click to continue…]

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Reviewing Three Different Types Of Leveraged ETFs

by on December 13, 2010 | Updated December 11, 2012

As the popularity of ETFs has surged in recent years, the manner in which investors use these vehicles has evolved as well. Originally designed with cost-conscious buy-and-holders in mind, ETFs have now been fully embraced by more active traders as well (just look at the turnover of SPY). And recent years have seen the introduction of increasingly complex and powerful exchange-traded products, including those offering exposure to investment strategies and asset classes that were previously out-of-reach for most investors [see Free Report: How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time]. [click to continue…]

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