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With over 1,600 exchange-traded funds to choose from, investors can essentially tap into any corner of the investable universe. Perhaps one of the most popular markets has been ETFs that offer exposure to equities outside of the U.S.. Not only do these funds add great diversification benefits, but they are significantly less expensive than mutual fund options [see Sector SPDRs: How These ETFs Have Performed Since Inception]. [click to continue…]

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Debt drama is back on the forefront with the government shutdown in focus as policymakers on Capitol Hill are now paying the consequences for kicking the can down the road last year. With domestic equity indexes on edge amid the debt-ceiling debate, many are starting to look to overseas markets for more attractive growth opportunities; bargain shoppers are wary of jumping back into U.S. stocks amid renewed debt woes coupled with uncertainty over the looming Fed Chairman appointment [see 3 ETF Trades To Make Before The Congress Showdown].

Deutsche Bank expanded its suite of currency-hedged ETFs on Tuesday with the launch of three new funds that offer investors a creative way to tap into foreign markets without having to deal with the nuances of foreign exchange-rate fluctuations. [click to continue…]

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